Clinical Handbook Of Chinese Medicine

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Xu, B. , Yuan, C.-S.
World Scientific Publishing
Fecha Publicacion
30 ene. 2013
Description This is a concise handbook providing a quick clinical reference on Chinese medicinal treatments for many diseases, based on traditional Chinese medicine theory and practice. Organized by different clinical conditions and diseases, it provides clinicians and healthcare professionals with definitions and recommended treatment methods, especially herbal medicine formulae. In addition to being a comprehensive quick reference source, this handbook also conveys a generalized understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Contents: Overview: Introduction Chinese History vs. Chinese Medicine Misunderstandings of Chinese Medical History Obstacles in Chinese Medical History Milestones in Chinese Medical History Pre-scientific, Qualitative, and Philosophical Medicine Complexity of Chinese Medicine Methodology of Chinese Medicine Chinese Medicine vs. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Fundamental Characteristics of Chinese Medicine Research and Regulation on Chinese Medicine Nomenclature of Chinese Medicine Practice: General Principles Internal Medicine Pediatrics Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgery Anorectal Diseases Andriatrics Dermatology Ophthalmology Otology Rhinology Laryngology Stomatology Preventive Medicine Readership: All TCM clinicians, health professionals, and practitioners. Individuals in the following fields: medicine, psychology, psychopathology, life and health sciences, philosophy, humanities, sociology, education, and anthropology. Members of the lay public. By (author): Bob Xu (American Chinese Medicine Association, USA) By (author): Chun-Su Yuan (University of Chicago, USA)
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