Thymic Development And Selection Of T Lymphocytes (Current Topics In Microbiology And Immunology, Vol. 373)

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Boehm, T. , Takahama, Y.
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30 ene. 2013
Description · Written by leading experts in the field · Addresses key aspects of the process of thymopoiesis · Offers perspectives for understanding immunodeficiency and autoimmune diseases The thymus is an evolutionarily ancient primary lymphoid organ common to all vertebrates in which T cell development takes place. Failing thymus function is associated with immunodeficiency and/or autoimmunity. In this volume, leading experts provide a comprehensive overview of recent advances in thymopoiesis research. The chapters cover the development of the thymic epithelial microenvironment, address the formation of a diverse and self-tolerant repertoire of T cell receptors as the basis for cellular immunity, discuss the mechanisms by which progenitor cells colonize the thymus and detail the molecular basis for T lineage decisions. The reviews illustrate the important role of the multifaceted process of thymopoiesis for adaptive immunity. Table of Contents Development and Function of Cortical Thymic Epithelial Cells Kensuke Takada, Izumi Ohigashi, Michiyuki Kasai, Hiroshi Nakase, Yousuke Takahama Mechanisms of Thymus Medulla Development and Function Graham Anderson, Song Baik, Jennifer E. Cowan, Nicholas I. McCarthy, Kyoko Nakamura, Sonia M. Parnell, Andrea J. White, Peter J. L. Lane, Eric J. Jenkinson and William E. Jenkinson Self-Peptides in TCR Repertoire Selection and Peripheral T Cell Function Wan-Lin Lo and Paul M. Allen Central Tolerance Induction Maria L. Mouchess and Mark Anderson Trafficking to the Thymus Shirley Zhang and Avinash Bhandoola The CD4/CD8 Lineages: Central Decisions and Peripheral Modifications for T Lymphocytes Hirokazu Tanaka and Ichiro Taniuchi
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