Atlas of Peripheral Nerve Blocks and Anatomy for Orthopedic Anesthesia with DVD,

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Andre Boezaart
Fecha Publicacion
1 nov. 2007
Master all of the blocks required for orthopaedic anesthesia, including both single-injection and continuous nerve blocks! This text and its companion DVD thoroughly review the anatomy points you need to know to effectively execute these techniques, and demonstrate all 16 essential nerve blocks as performed by specialists in orthopaedic anesthesiology. Abundant full-color photographs of the sequence of each block – combined with full-color drawings and photographs of cadaver sections of the applied anatomy – help to ensure proper needle placement for each procedure. Reviews "It is practical and handy to the point that one does not need any other book to practice regional anesthesia successfully." -Doody Enterprises, March 2008 "The book has an accompanying DVD. It complements the text and reinforces the factual material…The audiovisual is clear and the picture resolution is excellent. The book is very well written, with excellent illustrations, annotations, and photographs. The reviewer highly recommends this book to all anesthesiology or Non-anesthesiology trainees…For the individual practicing anesthesiologist, this is an excellent procedure-orientated reference source to enhance major regional nerve block skills for orthopedic surgery." -Anesthesiology, August 2008 Key Features Presents anatomy and techniques from a variety of perspectives through anatomical drawings, gross anatomy images, and photographs of surface anatomy – ensuring proper needle placement for each nerve block. Uses a practical, “how-to” approach that makes the latest techniques easy to learn. Covers problems and pitfalls to help you avoid potential complications. Shows you how to perform both single-injection and continuous nerve blocks, and demonstrates the anatomical responses gained from percutaneous stimulation of the nerves, via videos on the companion DVD.
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