Palliative Care in Clinical Practice

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G. Zeppetella
Fecha Publicacion
18 feb. 2012
An accessible but comprehensive guide to the rapidly developing field of palliative care Covers palliative care across a range of diseases and clinical settings Addresses recent advances in pain management both in terms of drugs that can be prescribed and delivery methods When a person suffers from advanced, progressive illness, palliative care – treatments that improve the physical and psychological quality of life of patients and their families – can be just as important as treatments that aim to slow or prevent disease progression. Aimed at general practitioners and trainees in the field, Palliative Care in Clinical Practice offers an accessible and practical introduction to palliative medicine, including a chapter devoted to each of the key areas of symptom management. Clearly and concisely written and fully illustrated throughout, it will be a useful resource for all healthcare professionals who wish to gain an understanding of this important aspect of medicine. Content Level » Professional/practitioner Keywords » Management - Pain - Palliative - Progressive Related subjects » Internal Medicine - Medicine - Oncology & Hematology
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