Cardiac Arrhythmias

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A. S. Kibos, B. P. Knight, V. Essebag, S. B. Fishberger, M. Slevin, I. Tintoiu
Fecha Publicacion
20 ene. 2014
The most detailed and complete volume for some years describing all aspects of arrhythmia pathophysiology, and management/treatment State-of-the-art and novel aspects with up-to-date literature and future perspectives with both preventative and alternative treatment options discussed Management guidelines and novel biomarkers discussed at length provide the medical reader with detailed documentation on all aspects of this illness without having to refer to other literatures The past 50 years have witnessed the growth and evolution of clinical electrophysiology from a field whose goals were simply to understand of the mechanisms of arrhythmia to one of significant therapeutic impact. The development and refinement of implantable devices and catheter ablation have made non-pharmacological therapy a treatment of choice for most arrhythmias encountered in clinical practice. Cardiac Arrhythmias: From Basic Mechanism To State-of-the-Art Management provides an electrophysiologic approach to arrhythmias predicated on the hypothesis that a better understanding of the mechanisms of arrhythmias will lead to more successful and rationally chosen therapy. It encompasses the anatomy of arrhythmias, diagnostic methods, comorbid diseases, and the treatment of all forms of cardiac arrhythmias. It discusses modern ablation and mapping techniques, while reviews the methodology required to define the mechanism and site of origin of arrhythmias, so that safe and effective therapy can be chosen. It will thus be of interest to all involved in the management of these patients, from clinical cardiac electrophysiologists themselves to clinical cardiologists, interventionalists, cardiac surgeons, emergency medicine physicians and researchers in basic cardiac science. Content Level » Professional/practitioner Keywords » Atrial fibrillation - Cardiac Diagnosis - Cardiac imaging - Electrophysiology - Pharmacotherapy Related subjects » Cardiology & Angiology
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