Compendium To Radiation Physics For Medical Physicists. 300 Problems And Solutions

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Ervin B. Podgorsak
Fecha Publicacion
23 ene. 2014
DESCRIPTION ◾Can be used in combination with other textbooks ◾Exercise book for graduate and undergraduate students of medical physics and engineering ◾Well chosen and didactically presented problems ◾Perfect set for learning in connection with the textbook by Podgorsak and others ◾Detailed derivation of results with many detailed illustrations ◾Fully worked-out solutions to exercises/questions ◾Combines exercises in radiation physics and medical physics This exercise book contains 500 typical problems and exercises in modern physics and radiation physics with complete solutions, detailed equations and graphs. This textbook is linked directly with the textbook "Radiation Physics for Medical Physicists", Springer (2010) but can also be used in combination with other related textbooks. For ease of use, this textbook has exactly the same organizational layout (14 chapters, 125 sections) as the "Radiation Physics for Medical Physicists" textbook and each section is covered by at least one problem with solution given. Equations, figures and tables are cross-referenced between the two books. It is the only large compilation of textbook material and associated solved problems in medical physics, radiation physics, and biophysics. TABLE OF CONTENTS ◾Introduction to Modern Physics. ◾Coulomb Scattering. ◾Rutherford. ◾Bohr Atomic Model. ◾Production of X Rays. ◾Two-Particle Collisions. ◾Interaction of Charged Particles with Matter. ◾Interaction of Photons with Matter. ◾Energy Transfer and Energy Absorption in Photon. ◾Interactions with Matter of Neutrons with Matter. ◾Kinetics of Radioactive Decay. ◾Modes of Radioactive Decay. ◾Production of Radionuclides. ◾Waveguide Theory. ◾Particle Accelerators in Medicine. AUTHOR Ervin B. Podgorsak is a professor of the McGill University Montréal . He is author of various successful books.
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