Human Biology + Online Access 8th Ed.

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Daniel D. Chiras
Jones & Bartlett Publishers
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23 feb. 2013
Description Designed for the undergraduate, non-science major, the thoroughly updated eighth edition of Human Biology, continues to present the latest information on the structure, function, health, and disease of the human body, while maintaining the central organizational theme of homeostasis. This acclaimed text explores the world from the cellular level, followed by a look at tissues and organs, and then moves on to a discussion of humans as organisms within a complex evolutionary and ecological environment. Dr. Chiras discusses the scientific process in a thought-provoking way that challenges students to become deeper, more critical thinkers. The focus on health and homeostasis allows students to learn key concepts while also assessing their own health needs and learning how to implement a healthy lifestyle. New to the thoroughly revised and updated Eighth Edition: ◾Added new Point/Counterpoints on current topics of great interest, including vaccination against common diseases, vaccination against human papilloma virus, the safety of genetically modified organisms, and the safety of milk from cows treated with growth hormone ◾ Features a reorganized chapter layout so content on the circulatory system and blood are presented before the chapter on nutrition and digestion. ◾ Moved the expanded in-chapter key concepts from the beginning to the end of each section. ◾ Contains new information on numerous topics, including expanded coverage on nutrition and the importance of plant-based nutrients and plant sources of complete proteins, new information on the functions of the appendix, additional information on the benefits of breastfeeding, and new content on the causes and treatment of acne. ◾ New topics added to this edition include primary cilia, hormonal control of hunger, effective treatments for insomnia, use of organs from pigs to repair damaged organs, health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, new information on HIV infections, genetic determination of sex, natural killer cells, and many more! ◾ Every new printed copy includes access to the Navigate Companion Website where students will find a wealth of engaging and interactive learning and study tools to help them succeed in their course. ◾ Instructor resources include PowerPoint Lecture Outlines, PowerPoint Image Bank, an Instructor's Manual, and Test Bank Table of Contents Part 1 From Molecules to the Humankind Chapter 1 Life in the Balance: Human Health, Homeostasis, Evolution, Science, and Critical Thinking Chapter 2 The Chemistry of Life Chapter 3 The Life of the Cell Part 2 Structure and Function of the Human Body Chapter 4 Principles of Structure and Function Chapter 5 The Circulatory System Chapter 6 The Blood Chapter 7 Nutrition and Digestion Chapter 8 The Vital Exchange: Respiration Chapter 9 The Urinary System: Ridding the Body of Wastes and Maintaining Homeostasis Chapter 10 The Skeleton and Muscles Chapter 11 The Nervous System Chapter 12 The Senses Chapter 13 The Endocrine System Part 3 Immunity and Infectious Diseases Chapter 14 The Immune System Chapter 15 Human Infectious Disease Part 4 Heredity and Reproduction Chapter 16 Chromosomes, Cell Division, and the Cell Cycle Chapter 17 Principles of Human Heredity Chapter 18 How Genes Work and How Genes Are Controlled Chapter 19 Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Chapter 20 Cancer Part 5 Human Reproduction and Development Chapter 21 Human Reproduction Chapter 22 Human Development and Aging Part 6 Evolution and Ecology Chapter 23 Evolution Chapter 24 Ecology and the Environment Appendix A Periodic Table of Elements Appendix B Metric System Conversion Tables About the Author Daniel D. Chiras-Director, The Evergreen Institute Dr. Chiras received his Ph.D. in reproductive endocrinology from the University of Kansas School of Medicine in 1976. Since that time, he has taught biology and environmental science at the University of Colorado at Denver, the University of Washington, and the University of Denver. He is currently a visiting professor at Colorado College. Dr. Chiras the is author of numerous books and scientific and popular articles on biology, critical thinking, and environmental topics.
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