Surgical Treatment for Advanced Heart Failure

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Jeffrey A. Morgan, Y. Naka
Fecha Publicacion
24 feb. 2013
Thoroughly outlines the surgical management of advanced heart failure Written by a panel of experts in the field Includes diagrams, cartoons, and intraoperative photos to illustrate the operations being described The treatment of end-stage heart failure with advanced surgical therapies has evolved significantly over the last several years and is a dynamic subspecialty within cardiac surgery. Surgical Treatment of Advanced Heart Failure describes the surgical management of advanced heart failure, including coronary artery revascularization, mitral valve repair, aortic valve replacement, ventricular remodeling, cardiac resynchronization, mechanical circulatory support with short-term devices for acute stabilization, long-term mechanical support as a bridge to transplant and for destination therapy, left ventricular assist devices, complete cardiac replacement with the total artificial heart, and cardiac transplantation. With contributions from a distinguished group of heart failure cardiologists and transplant surgeons, it is an authoritative resource for cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, and surgeons. Content Level » Professional/practitioner Keywords » Artificial Heart - Cardiac Resynchronization - Cardiac Surgery - Cardiomyopathy - Congenital Heart Disease - Heart Failure - Heart Transplantation - LVAD - Mechanical Circulatory Support - Mitral Regurgitation - Mitral Valve Repair - Ventricular Assist Device
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