From Basic Cardiac Imaging to Image Fusion

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Paolo Marzullo, Giuliano Mariani
Fecha Publicacion
26 feb. 2013
Updates the specialist on progress in individual cardiac imaging techniques and in multimodality integration Explains the ‘cross-talk’ among techniques, and how they can be optimally integrated Highlights how appropriate multimodality integration can reduce the patient's exposure to ionizing radiation The recent development of three-dimensional imaging techniques has provided an enormous amount of information relevant to the clinical management of patients at low and high risk for coronary artery disease. However, while progress in each individual technique has been rapid, the correlation of findings obtained with radiology, nuclear medicine, and magnetic resonance imaging is still relatively neglected. In this book, qualified experts in cardiac imaging present the basic concepts of cardiac disease and imaging and compare the findings obtained in particular subspecialties with those acquired using other techniques. In this way the reader will learn how images and techniques can be integrated in clinical practice to the benefit of the patient. In addition, the issue is addressed of reducing the patient's exposure to ionizing radiation through appropriate multimodality integration. Physicians ranging from cardiac surgeons to internal medicine specialists and even public health administrators will find this book invaluable in understanding the role of hybrid cardiac imaging. Content Level » Professional/practitioner Keywords » Cardiac imaging - Image fusion - Magnetic resonance - Nuclear medicine - Radiology Related subjects » Cardiology & Angiology - Nuclear Medicine - Radiology
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