Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology of Arteriovenous Accesses for Hemodialysis

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Luc Turmel-Rodrigues, Claude J. Renaud
Fecha Publicacion
27 feb. 2013
This is the first lavishly illustrated book dedicated to all strategic, diagnostic aspects and techniques dealing with the complications of arteriovenous accesses for hemodialysis by interventional radiologists Beginners find many technical details on the most common interventions Experienced practitioners will discover original ideas on how to address the more complex cases Advice on the strategies are based on the results of the literature and on recommendations of national and international societies The book is intended for all physicians, radiologists, surgeons, nephrologists and other specialists involved in the Endovascular treatment of the dialysis fistulas This is the first textbook entirely dedicated to the endovascular treatment of complications related to arteriovenous accesses for hemodialysis (native fistulas and prosthetic grafts). The book addresses the anatomy of upper limb arteries and veins as well as the clinical presentation of patients and the way to perform and read a fistulogram. Many details and illustrations are provided, clarifying the subtleties in catheterization and the dilation of stenoses. From a strategic point of view, it is explained for the first time that many stenoses must either be ignored or deliberately underdilated. Many images help understand the different stages of recovery from thrombosed accesses. The number of incident dialysis patients increases by 5 % every year, which means that this is a field of growing interest. There are several annual or bi-annual meetings held by numerous national or international societies (vascularaccesssociety.com, sfav.org, vasmad.org, dialysiscontroversies.org, asdin.org).
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