Handbook of Nuclear Cardiology. Cardiac SPECT and Cardiac PET

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Gary Heller, Robert Hendel
Fecha Publicacion
27 feb. 2013
Provides simple, case-based approach to the subject Functions as an adjunct to existing literature As a low-priced, colorful and appealing reference resource it will be popular with a large number of cardiologists internationally Nuclear cardiology procedures have been a mainstay in non-invasive testing for the diagnosis and risk stratification of coronary artery disease for many years. Although a mature field with a multitude of clinical applications, the advances in agents and imaging procedures have been remarkable and important to document. Handbook of Nuclear Cardiology: Cardiac SPECT and Cardiac PET reviews the important indications for nuclear cardiology procedures, and provides a description of the procedures themselves, including both SPECT and the newer PET imaging protocols as well as key references. The book emphasizes how noninvasive testing results can be used clinically and the appropriateness of such techniques. The editors and their contributors present critical clinical information on cardiac SPECT and PET within a concise and logical structure, which will be vital for trainees, practicing physicians, nurses and technologists looking for a brief, up-to-date overview and reference volume for nuclear cardiology.
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