Severe Skin Diseases in Children

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Wynnis Tom
Fecha Publicacion
20 ene. 2014
First book to focus solely on systemic and other non-topical therapy for difficult childhood skin disorders Written for practitioners, with emphasis on clinical relevance Covers a wide range of cutaneous diseases Includes reference tables for drugs summarizing recommended dosage and monitoring for quick retrieval of information Children are no less spared from severe skin diseases. This textbook is designed as a practical clinical reference that will guide practitioners in treating difficult dermatoses in children in whom topical therapy has been unsuccessful. Individual sections are devoted to inflammatory diseases, immune-mediated/autoimmune diseases, tumors and proliferative disorders, and genodermatoses. Each chapter addresses which patients represent suitable candidates for systemic or other non-topical therapy and considerations and caveats in the use of such approaches. Potential treatments are then appraised from a current evidence-based perspective, with provision of detailed but relevant information and reference tables that summarize recommendations in use and monitoring. Future directions in management are also presented.
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