Atlas of Essential Dermatopathology

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Katia S. Masterpol, Andrea Primiani, Lyn M. Duncan
Fecha Publicacion
21 mar. 2013
Represents a foundation of principles in dermatopathology Highlights key elements in the field for trainees and serves as a basic resource for the pathologist in general practice An essential reference within the grasp of the audience Dermatopathology often presents considerable difficulty for the dermatologist in training when defining the subtle differences in the appearance of various conditions. This Atlas of Essential Dermatopathology is based on materials developed during dermatopathology teaching signout at the Massachusetts General Hospital and replicates the experience at the microscope. It contains numerous hand drawn sketches and tables plus stunning histological images to describe the appearances of common dermatologic conditions. Each chapter is brief and focuses on the main learning points. Tables of special stains, immunohistochemical markers and a glossary of terms are also included to broaden the reader’s experience. The content is based on the most frequently encountered processes in the MGH Dermatopathology Unit; it is not intended to be comprehensive but rather an outline and atlas of the essentials in diagnostic dermatopathology. This book will therefore be an indispensable primer for trainees of all levels – students and residents alike – in dermatology and pathology.
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