Generalized Dermatitis in Clinical Practice

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Susan T. Nedorost
Fecha Publicacion
22 mar. 2012
Reviews the diagnosis of all types of dermatitis including algorithms for use of skin prick , conventional, and atopy patch tests Provides practical tips on obtaining environmental history including use of pantomime to understand relationship between exposure and distribution of dermatitis Details indications for referral to specialists such as haematology/oncology Defines a dermatitis strategy not based on gross classification alone Generalized dermatitis is often chronic and debilitating. Many cases are multifactorial, which makes diagnosis and targeted treatment difficult. Although a very common reason for presentation to both dermatologists and primary care physicians, many practitioners fail to control symptoms adequately. Generalized Dermatitis in Clinical Practice summarizes the diagnostic and management options of this complex, multifactorial, and often chronic disease. Distilling a wealth of clinical insight, the author reviews the pathophysiology and differential diagnosis in the context of patient management. This concise clinical reference is an ideal way for dermatologists, allergists, and primary care physicians to approach the patient suffering from widespread dermatitis.
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