Handbook of Burns 2 Vols.

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L. Kamolz, M. G. Jeschke, P. Brychta, R. E. Horch, M. Küntscher
Fecha Publicacion
22 mar. 2012
Reference book on complex management of reconstruction and long-term rehabilitation of burn patients Advances in research and treatment Edited and written by world leading authorities on burn-care Based on evolving knowledge and modern treatment options the final outcome of burn patients has improved far beyond survival alone. This new comprehensive work consists of two volumes that cover all aspects of modern burn care: It ranges from the complex management of burned patients in the acute phase (volume 1) to burn reconstruction and long term rehabilitation (volume 2). Compiled and edited by the world´s leading authorities, this work is designed to be an essential reference source for burn surgeons, reconstructive surgeons, anesthesiologists, critical care physicians, burn nurses and all other health care professionals involved in modern burn care and burn care research.
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