Personality Disorders and Suicide - Theory and Research

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Jerónimo Sáiz Ruiz, Enrique Baca García, Hilario Blasco Fontecilla
Nova Science
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1 feb. 2008
The main objective of the present book is to present a clear and profound review of the role of PD on suicide behavior. Data on PDs different of BPD and antisocial PD are scarce. The contributors are all clinicians and researchers focused on the study of suicide. The book has two well-differentiated parts: the first one is a brief introduction to some theoretical issues that are considered basic to set the ground when approaching the second part, which is devoted to research on the influence of personality, and particularly, PDs on suicidal behavior. In addition to the extensive review carried out, the authors also present also data on some of the research that their research group and others are carrying out in this area. Some of them have a clear path into the daily activity of clinicians Contents: Preface (Maria A. Oquendo and J.John Mann) Part I - Personality, Personality Disorders and Suicide: Theory Chapter 1.1 - Introduction; (H. Blasco Fontecilla) Chapter 1.2 - Personality and Personality Disorders 1.2.1. Basic Concepts: Temperament, Character, Personality 1.2.2. Current Perspectives: Classifications of Personality Disorders and the Problems of Reliability, Validity and Clinical Utility 1.2.3. Personality and Culture 1.2.4. Epidemiology of Personality Disorders 1.2.5. Specified Personality Disorders: Brief Clinical Picture 1.2.6. Precursors of Personality Disorders 1.2.7. Diagnostic Tools for Personality Disorders Chapter 1.3 - Suicide Behavior 1.3.1. Introduction 1.3.2. Methods of Suicide 1.3.3. Epidemiology 1.3.4. Risk Factors 1.3.5. Genes-Environment Interaction in Suicide 1.3.6. Models of Suicide Behavior Part II - Peronality Disorders and Suicide: Research & Clinics Chapter 2.1 - Introduction and Overview 2.1.1. Introduction 2.1.2. Overview 2.1.3. Our Research Chapter 2.2 - Cluster B Personality Disorders and Suicide Behavior 2.2.1. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) 2.2.2. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) 2.2.3. Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD) 2.2.4. Histrionic/Hysterical Personality Disorder (HPD) Chapter 2.3 - Cluster A Personality Disorders and Suicide Behavior 2.3.1. Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD) 2.3.2. Schizoid Personality Disorder 2.3.3. Shizotypal Personality Disorder (StPD) Chapter 2.4 - Cluster C Personality Disorders and Suicide Behavior 2.4.1. Avoidant (Anxious) Personality Disorder (AvPD) 2.4.2. Obsessive-Compulsive/Anankastic PD (OCPD) 2.4.3. Dependent Personality Disorder (DPD) Chapter 2.5 - Suicidal Personality Chapter 2.6 - Dimensions of Personality and Suicide 2.6.1. Introduction 2.6.2. The Role of Personality Disorders in Suicide 2.6.3. Personality Traits, Psychiatric Symptoms and Suicide 2.6.4. Our Research 2.6.5. Conclusions Chapter 2.7 - Personality Disorders and Suicide: The Role of Comorbidity 2.7.1. Introduction 2.7.2. Review: 2.7.3. Our research Chapter 2.8 - Recent Life Events as Precipitant Factors of Suicide Behavior in Subjects with Personality Disorders 2.8.1. Introduction 2.8.2. Our Research Chapter 2.9 - Suicidal Behavior: From Personality Traits to Endophenotypes 2.9.1. The Genetic Basis for Suicidal behavior 2.9.2. Future Needs to go beyond the Clinical Heterogeneity 2.9.3. Personality Traits as Intermediate Phenotypes 2.9.4. Candidate Endophenotypes in Suicidal Behavior Chapter 2.10 - Personality Disorders in a Sample of Suicide Attempters: Age Matters 2.10.1. Introduction and Objectives 2.10.2. Our Research Chapter 2.11 - Suicide in Personality Disorders: The Role of Protective Factors 2.11.1. Introduction to Protective Factors for Suicidal Behaviors 2.11.2. Protective Factors for Suicidal Behaviors in Personality Disorders Chapter 2.12 - Therapeutic Approach to Attempted Suicides in Subjects with Personality Disorders 2.12.1. Clinical Management of Suicide 2.12.2. Evaluation of the Suicidal Patient 2.12.3. Therapeutic Management 2.12.4. Aftercare Chapter 2.13 - Ethical and Legal Implications of Forced Admission because of Chronic Suicidality in Personality Disorder. What would Darwin say? 2.13.1. Introduction 2.13.2. Personality Disorders from an Evolutionary Perspective 2.13.3. Survival Strategies, Aggression and Suicide in Personality Disorders 2.13.4. Case Report References About the Authors and Contributors Authors Contributors Index
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