The Metabolic Pathway Engineering Handbook

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Christina D. Smolke
Informa Healthcare
Fecha Publicacion
15 feb. 2008
  • Presents a thorough and complete overview of the burgeoning field of metabolic pathway engineering
  • Focuses on the future areas of metabolic engineering and the impact of new technologies
  • Contains extensive references in each chapter
  • Features contributions from well-established experts in various subfields of metabolic engineering

  • Focusing on the current status as well as emerging technologies, The Metabolic Pathway Engineering Handbook provides an understanding of this relatively new field, the history of its development, ethical issues associated with the field, and prospects for future directions and developments. This book organizes the current work being done into distinct sub-groups and demonstrates how they fit into the definition of metabolic engineering. With extensive references, each particular sub-group is introduced and described in detail within a specific sub-area of metabolic engineering, discussing current knowledge in each area. This text features world-class contributors from various subfields.

    Table of Contents
    Cellular Metabolism. Balances and Reaction Models. Regulation and Metabolic Pathways. Modeling Tools for Metabolic Engineering. Developing Appropriate Hosts for Metabolic Engineering. Evolutionary Tools in Metabolic Engineering. Gene Expression Tools for Metabolic Pathway Engineering. Applications of Emerging Technologies to Metabolic Engineering. Future Prospects in Metabolic Engineering.

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