Comprehensive Textbook Of Psychotherapy. Theory And Practice 2nd Ed.

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Andrés J. Consoli, Larry E. Beutler, Bruce Bongar
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12 nov. 2016
This completely updated second edition of Comprehensive Textbook of Psychotherapydiscusses the contemporary landscape of psychotherapy, honors its complexities, and focuses on history,theory, science, practice, and diversity. The book is divided into three parts: (1) Models of Psychotherapy; (2) Psychotherapy by Modalities and Populations, and (3) Research Methods andRandomized Clinical Trials, Professional Issues, and New Directions in Psychotherapy. Part 1 details the similarities and differences that exist across models, in an effort to articulateoverarching principles of human change and stability processes that are advanced through professional practice. Chapters in Part 1 are organized into sets of two; each set has a theory chaptercovering one of the six psychotherapy models discussed, followed by a practice chapter that conveys and illustrates the use of the model in a specific application, including a detailed caseexample. Part 2 addresses modalities of psychotherapy such as group, family, and electronic-based approaches, as well as psychotherapy with specific populations such as children andadolescents, older adults, men, women, lesbian, gay, and bisexual clients, racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants and refugees, among others. Part 3 covers research methods andrandomized clinical trials, the training of psychotherapists, ethics and legal matters, and the future of psychotherapy. Research and diversity are emphasized in each chapter and throughoutthe book. This new edition of an established textbook will be valuable to instructors and students, psychotherapists-in-training, practitioners, and supervisors alike. Table of contents 1. TheComprehensiveTextbook of Psychotherapy: History, Theory, Research, Practice, and Diversity in Psychotherapy Andrés J. Consoli, Larry E. Beutler, & Bruce Bongar PART I: Models of Psychotherapy 2. Unity and Diversity Among Psychotherapies: A Comparative Perspective David E. Orlinsky 3. Psychodynamic Therapies in Historical Perspective Jerry Gold & George Stricker 4. Psychodynamic Therapies in Practice: Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy Ephi Betan & Jeffrey Binder 5. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies in Historical Perspective Michelle Newman, Lucas S. LaFreniere, & Ki Eun Shin 6. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies in Practice Amy Wenzel 7. Existential, Humanistic, Experiential Psychotherapies in Historical Perspective Orah Krug 8. Humanistic-Experiential Psychotherapy in Practice: Emotion-Focused Therapy Robert Elliott & Leslie Greenberg 9. Interpersonal Psychotherapies in Historical Perspective Scott Stuart 10. Interpersonal Psychotherapies in Practice: Working with Depressed Adults Hui Qi Tong, Leila Zwelling, & Jeremy Doughan 11. Systemic Therapies in Historical Perspective Harlene Anderson 12. Systemic Therapies in Practice: Family Consultation for Change-Resistant Health and Behavior Problems: A Systemic-Strategic Approach Michael Rohrbaugh & Varda Shoham 13. Integrative Therapies in Historical Perspective John C. Norcross, Marvin R. Goldfried, & Barrett E. Zimmerman 14. Integrative and Eclectic Therapies in Practice: Systematic Treatment Selection Larry E. Beutler, Andrés J. Consoli, Samarea Lenore, & Joshua M. Sheltzer PART II: Psychotherapy by Modalities and Populations 15. Group Therapy: Theory and Practice J. Scott Rutan & Joseph J. Shay 16. Family Therapy: Theory and Practice Guillermo Bernal & Keishalee Gómez-Arroyo 17. Electronic Based Therapy: Theory and Practice Alinne Barrera, Meagan Stanley, & Alex Kelman 18. Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents: Theory and Practice Alexandra Hoff, Anna Swan, Rogelio Mercado, Elana Kagan, Erika Crawford, & Philip C. Kendall 19. Psychotherapy with Older Adults: Theory and Practice Adriana Hyams & Forrest Scogin 20. Psychotherapy with Women: Theory and Practice Melba J. T. Vasquez & Elisa M. Vasquez 21. Psychotherapy with Men: Theory and Practice Chris Liang & Carin Molenaar 22. Psychotherapy with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients: Theory and Practice Peter Goldblum, Samantha Pflum, Matthew Skinta, Robert Wyatt Evans, & Kimberly Balsam 23. Psychotherapy with Racial/Ethnic Minority Groups: Theory and Practice Joyce Chu, Amy Leino, Samantha Pflum, & Stanley Sue 24. Psychotherapy with Immigrants and Refugees: Theory and Practice Melissa Morgan Consoli, Sherry C. Wang, Kevin DeLucio, & Oksana Yakushko 25. Psychotherapy and the Schizophrenia Spectrum: Theory and Practice William Spaulding & Mary Sullivan 26. Psychotherapy with Military Personnel and Veterans: Theory and Practice Uri Kugel, David Giannini, Victoria Kendrick, Larry James, Morgan Banks, & Bruce Bongar 27. Psychotherapy with People Exposed to Mass Casualty Events: Theory and Practice Lisa Brown, Larry E. Beutler, Jennifer H. Patterson, Bruce Bongar, & Lori Holleran 28. Psychotherapy in Clinical Emergencies: Theory and Practice Danielle Spangler, Lori Holleran, & Bruce Bongar PART III: Research Methods and Randomized Clinical Trials, Professional Issues, and New Directions in Psychotherapy 29. Methods of Psychotherapy Research and Randomized Clinical Trials Paulo P. P. Machado, & Larry E. Beutler 30. The Training and Development of Psychotherapists: A Life-Span Perspective Andrés J. Consoli, Héctor Fernández Álvarez, & Sergi Corbella 31. Ethics and Legal Matters in Psychotherapy Kasie Hummel, Benjamin Bizar-Stanton, Wendy Packman, & Gerald P. Koocher 32. The Modern Psychotherapist and the Future of Psychotherapy Robert L. Russell & Rainey Temkin Index
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