ECG Made Easy 5th Ed.

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Atul Luthra
Fecha Publicacion
17 oct. 2016
The fifth edition of ECG Made Easy has been fully revised to provide trainees and clinicians with the latest advances in the field. Beginning with an overview of ECG terms, leads and normal values, the following sections present numerous abnormal ECG readings and the resulting diagnoses. This updated edition includes three new chapters which cover interesting cases diagnosed by ECG, how to report an ECG, and ECG findings in specific situations. Each chapter features illustrative diagrams, graphs and tables and the accompanying CD ROM demonstrates the technique of recording an ECG. Key Points ◾Fully revised, new edition providing latest advances in ECG ◾Includesthree new chapters ◾Accompanying CD ROM demonstrates technique of recording an ECG ◾Previousedition (9789350255919) published in 2012 Contents 1. Nomenclature of ECG Deflections 2. Electrocardiographic Leads 3. ECG Grid and Normal Values 4. Determination of Electrical Axis 5. Determination of the Heart Rate 6. Abnormalities of the P Wave 7. Abnormalities of QRS Complex 8. Abnormalities of the T Wave 9. Abnormalities of the U Wave 10. Abnormalities of PR Segment 11. Abnormalities of ST Segment 12. Abnormalities of PR Interval 13. Abnormalities of QT Interval 14. Premature Beats in Regular Rhythm 15. Pauses During Regular Rhythm 16. Fast Regular Rhythm with Narrow QRS 17. Normal Regular Rhythm with Narrow QRS 18. Fast Irregular Rhythm with Narrow QRS 19. Fast Regular Rhythm with Wide QRS 20. Normal Regular Rhythm with Wide QRS 21. Fast Irregular Rhythm with Bizarre QRS 22. Slow Regular Rhythm with Narrow QRS 23. Slow Irregular Rhythm with Narrow QRS 24. Slow Regular Rhythm with Wide QRS 25. Interesting Cases Diagnosed by ECG 26. How to Report an ECG 27. ECG Findings in Specific Situations Author information Atul Luthra MBBS MD DNB Diplomate, National Board of Medicine, Physician and Cardiologist, Delhi, India
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