ICU Care In Cardiac Surgery

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MA Umre
Fecha Publicacion
17 oct. 2016
This book in a concise guide to the care of patients in the intensive care unit after cardiac surgery. Beginning with an overview of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, cardiac surgery and cardiopulmonary bypass, the next chapters discuss ICU set up and ICU care. Each of the following sections discusses the clinical and surgical management of issues that may occur in the ICU post-cardiac surgery. Topics include renal failure, arrhythmia, seizures, bleeding and infection, intra aortic balloon pump, tracheostomy, urinary catheterisation and more. Descriptions and function of instruments and ‘gadgets’ are included, as well as clinical images and diagrams to enhance learning. Key Points ◾Concise guide to ICU care of cardiac surgery patients ◾Provides overview of cardiovascular and respiratory systems and surgery ◾Covers numerous post-surgery issues and their management ◾Includes descriptions and function of instruments and ‘gadgets’ Author information MA Umre Former Professor and Head of Department, Cardiac Surgery, VMMC and Safdurjang Hospital, New Delhi, India 1.Introduction 2. Cardiovascular System 3. Respiratory System 4. Cardiac Surgery 5. Cardiopulmonary Bypass 6. ICU Set Up 7. The ICU Care 8. Renal Failure in Cardiac Surgery 9. CNS System 10. GIT 11. Fluid Haemodynamic and Metabolism 12. Fluid Haemodynamic and Metabolism 13. Hyperkalemia and Hypokalemia 14. Pulmonary Hypertensive Crisis 15. Nutrition 16. Low Co Syndrome 17. Arrythmia 18. Seizures 19. Psychiatric Disturbances 20. Infection 21. Bleeding 22. Drugs in ICU 23. Intra Aortic Balloon Pump 24. Endotracheal Intubation 25. Resuscitation 26. Tracheostomy 27. Pleural Aspiration 28. Pericardiocentesis 29. Intercostal Drainage 30. Urinary Catheterisation
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