Investigating Infertility

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Rohit Gutgutia
Fecha Publicacion
17 oct. 2016
This book is a practical guide to the detection, diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Beginning with an overview of human reproduction, the importance of accurate history taking and examination, and general preconception evaluation, the following chapters discuss the different investigational methods in the assessment of female infertility. The final sections examine male infertility and the role of semen analysis in understanding the potential of fertility. Genetic, environmental and behavioural risk factors are also covered. This comprehensive text is enhanced by clinical images, diagrams and tables. Key Points ◾Practical guide to detection, diagnosis and treatment of infertility ◾Covers assessment of both female and male infertility ◾Covers genetic, environmental and behavioural risk factors ◾Enhanced by clinical images, diagrams and tables Author information Rohit Gutgutia Clinical Director, Nova IVI Fertility, Kolkatta, West Bengal, India 1.Basics Of Human Reproduction As We Understand It Now 2. Role Of History Taking And Examination 3. General Preconceptional Evaluation For The Couple 4. Evaluating OvulatoryFunction Including Reserve Assessment 5. Checking The Tubes: The Eternal Dilemma 6. Mechanical Issues In Fertility: How To Evaluate? 7. How To Assess The Receptivity Of TheEndometrium 8. Evaluating The Peritoneal /Pelvic Factors Affecting Fertility 9. Assessment The Male 10. Role Of Semen Analysis In Understanding Fertility Potential 11. Genetics OfFertility 12. When To Stop Investigating And Start Treating
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