Essential Guide To The Cervical Spine, 2 Vols.

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Rafael Torres Cueco
Elsevier España
Fecha Publicacion
17 oct. 2016
The only definitive guide in 2 volumes for physiotherapists on the assessment and treatment of cervical spine disorders. Volume 1: This volume provides all aspects essential to understand the clinical complexity of the cervical spine. Scans have procedures in place for a proper clinical assessment of the patient and discusses current issues regarding the patterns of cervical spine pain, clinical reasoning, the pathomechanics joint dysfunction and the use of tests. It describes in detail the various concepts and therapeutic approaches currently used in the diagnosis and treatment of the cervical spine, omo myofascial pain syndrome, neuromuscular control deficits, neuro techniques and the various techniques of mobilization and joint manipulation. Emphasizes the international collaboration of important experts in the field of research and an extensive clinical practice and literature review make it a must-read book for anyone concerned with the prevention and treatment of neck pain. Indispensable book for the practitioner, the physician and the health professional to develop their skills in the field of manual therapy. Volume 2: Companion to The Cervical Spine: Volume 1 - Clinical Assessment and Therapeutic Approaches, Volume 2 comprehensively addresses the diagnosis and treatment of the various and complex syndromes that lie in the cervical spine, from discogenic syndromes to cervical myelopathy and the physical and psychological factors involved in whiplash. A particularly important chapter is devoted to the identification of risk factors in manual treatment of the cervical spine. The last chapter deals with new contributions in the neurobiology of pain and develops chronic neck pain from a biopsychosocial perspective. An essential book for all those who want to establish guidelines for safe and effective treatment of the cervical spine and their patients. Key Features ◾A comprehensive guide to assessing, understanding and treating disorders and syndromes of the cervical spine which will give the clinician confidence to treat and improve their patient care. Author Information By Rafael Torres Cueco, President of the Spanish Society of Physiotherapy and Pain (Sociedad Española de Fisioterapia y Dolor SEFID); Senior Lecturer, Department of Physiotherapy, University of Valencia, Spain; Director of Masters program on Manual Therapy at the University of Valencia
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