Otology And Middle Ear Surgery

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Asok Kumar Saha
Fecha Publicacion
20 oct. 2016
Otology & Middle Ear Surgery is a comprehensive guide to the surgical treatment of a range of otological conditions. The book is divided into 23 chapters, beginning with anatomy of the ear, the physiology of hearing, audiology, hearing loss, the physiology of balance and vestibular function tests. Further chapters provide step by step surgical procedures for the ear canal, otitis media, tinnitus, vertigo, and Meniere’s disease. Otology & Middle Ear Surgery provides up to date information on the latest technology in the rapidly developing field of audiology, including cochlear implant technology, radiology of the ear, hearing aids, auditory brainstem implants and assisted listening devices. Concluding chapters cover bacterial biofilm infection in otology, anaesthesia, superior canal dehiscence surgery, and a final chapter on middle ear surgery. With over 160 full colour images, illustrations and information tables, Otology & Middle Ear Surgery is an essential resource for otolaryngologists, ENT surgeons and residents. Key Points • Comprehensive, illustrated guide to ear surgery • Covers a range of otological conditions from otitis media to Meniere’s disease • Includes up to date information on the latest technology in audiology medicine • 163 full colour images, illustrations and tables Contents 1. Anatomy of Ear 2. Physiology of Hearing 3. Audiology 4. Hearing Loss 5. Physiology of Balance And Its Disorders 6. Vestibular Function Tests 7. Diseases of External Ear 8. Otitis Media 9. Facial Nerve and Its Disorders 10. Otosclerosis 11. Meniere’s Disease 12. Acoustic Neuroma 13. Vertigo 14. Deafness, Assessment of Deaf Child and Rehabilitative Measures 15. Tinnitus 16. Tumors of Temporal Bone 17. Radiology of Ear 18. Cochlear Implants 19. Hearing Aids, Bone Anchored Hearing Aids, Auditory Brainstem Implants, Vibrant Sound Bridge And Assistive Listening Devices. 20. Bacterial Biofilm Infection in Otology 21. Anaesthesia in Ear Surgery 22. Superior Canal Dehiscence 23. Middle Ear Surgery Author information Ashok Kumar Saha Professor, Department of ENT, Calcutta Medical College Kolkota, West Bengal, India
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