Bovine Respiratory Disease

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Juan Vicente González Martín, Natividad Pérez Villalobos
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21 nov. 2016
This book is a comprehensive review of the Bovine RespiratoryDisease (BRD), a condition that causes significant economic losses on cattle farms. It is divided into five chapters, in which importantaspects such as epidemiology, predisposing factors, main pathogens involved, diagnosis, prophylaxis and treatment of the disease, among other specificities, are addressed. One of the chapters is a compilation of actual clinical cases. Thanks to the authors broad experience in the fields of research and education, this work contains updated information about this disease, whose scientific validity has been established, and is written in a structured way, with a clear didactic style that makes it easy to read. An indispensable book for all the veterinary professionals whose work focuses on cattle. Contents Introduction BRD: definition and synonyms Incidence, morbidity, mortality and economic importance Aetiopathogenesis Epidemiological triad     The host        Environment/stress       Main pathogens involved in BRD   BRD: pathological classification of pneumonia       Interstitial       Bronchopneumonia       Other pneumonias       Upper respiratory tract problems       Evolution Diagnosis Clinical diagnosis of BRD     Diagnosis of BRD in individual animals       Diagnostic protocols in the herd       Differential diagnosis of BRD   Aetiological diagnosis       Sampling       Laboratory methods   Pathological diagnosis       Necropsy       Presence or absence of lesions Epidemiological diagnosis Treatment and prevention Treatment of BRD Prevention of BRD       Vaccination       Metaphylaxis Resolution of clinical cases: practical examples BRD caused by M. haemolytica in stocker calves at feedlot entry BRD caused by P. multocida during brearing   Outbreak of interstitial pneumonia   Outbreak of M. bovis in a poor quality lot   Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)   Embolic pneumonia due to thrombosis of the posterior vena cava Juan Vicente González Martín PhD in Veterinary Medicine (2003) from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Com-plutenseUniversity, Madrid, with a diploma from the European College of Bovine Health Management (2004). He is also Professor of Animal Medicine and Surgery at the Faculty of VeterinaryMedicine of the Complutense University, Madrid. He is the manager of TRIAL-VET, a veterinaryconsultancy and research organisation, and one of the founder partners  of the SpanishAssociation of Specialists in Bovine Medicine (ANEMBE).Throughout his professional career, he has conducted several studies focused on the bovine sector. He has authored numerous scientificarticles as well as several books, and is a frequent speaker at  congresses, courses and seminars on ruminants Natividad Pérez Villalobos PhD in Veterinary Medicine (2015) from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Com-plutenseUniversity, Madrid. She obtained her Master’s degree in clinical trials from the University of Seville, and has completed several courses on management and project management. Currently a esearcher and clinical trial supervisor at TRIALVET, a veteri-nary consultancy and researchorganisation, she also works as a translator and writer for the ANEMBE bulletin, and collaborateswith the Department of Animal Medicine and Sur-gery at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of theComplutense University, Madrid. She has authored numerous scientific articles and books, and has collaborated and participated as a speaker in various congresses, courses and seminars.
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