Forensic Evidence In Court

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Craig Adam
Fecha Publicacion
23 sept. 2016
The interpretation and evaluation of scientific evidence and its presentation in a court of law is central both to the role of the forensic scientist as an expert witness and to the interests of justice. This book aims to provide a thorough and detailed discussion of the principles and practice of evidence interpretation and evaluation by using real cases by way of illustration. The presentation is appropriate for students of forensic science or related disciplines at advanced undergraduate and master’s level or for practitioners engaged in continuing professional development activity. The book is structured in three sections. The first sets the scene by describing and debating the issues around the admissibility and reliability of scientific evidence presented to the court. In the second section, the principles underpinning interpretation and evaluation are explained, including discussion of those formal statistical methods founded on Bayesian inference. The following chapters present perspectives on the evaluation and presentation of evidence in the context of a single type or class of scientific evidence, from DNA to the analysis of documents. For each, the science underpinning the analysis and interpretation of the forensic materials is explained, followed by the presentation of cases which illustrate the variety of approaches that have been taken in providing expert scientific opinion. Contents Preface Part I Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Admissibility of Expert Scientific Opinion Chapter 2: Admissibility from the Legal Perspective Chapter 3: Forensic Science and the Law: the Path Forward Chapter 4: Scientific Opinion and the Law in Practice Part II Chapter 5: Fundamentals of the Interpretation and Evaluation of Scientific Evidence Chapter 6: Case Studies in Expert Opinion Chapter 7: Formal Methods for Logical Evaluation Chapter 8: Case Studies in Probabilistic Opinion Chapter 9: Cognitive Bias and Expert Opinion Part III Chapter 10: The Evaluation of DNA Profile Evidence Chapter 11: Low Template DNA Chapter 12: Footwear Marks in Court Chapter 13: Fingerprints and Fingermarks - Identifying Individuals? Chapter 14: Trace Evidence, Databases and Evaluation Chapter 15: Firearm and Tool-mark Evidence  Chapter 16: Expert Opinion and Evidence of Human Identity Chapter 17: Questioned Documents Chapter 18: Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Chapter 19: Conflicting Expert Opinion: SIDS and the Medical Expert Witness Appendix: Some Legal Terminology
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