Head And Neck Cancer. Multimodality Management 2nd Ed.

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Jacques Bernier
Fecha Publicacion
23 sept. 2016
This second edition provides a comprehensive view of consolidated and innovative concepts, in terms of both diagnosis and treatment. Written by leading international physicians and investigators, this book emphasizes the necessity of combining local and systemic treatments to achieve the objective of yielding higher cure rates and lower toxicities. Heavily updated from the previous edition, it highlights new surgery and radiotherapy techniques, disease awareness, patient quality of life, and comprehensive management.  Head-and-neck cancers are a complex clinical entity and their response to treatment is also known to vary markedly in function of host-related factors. Notwithstanding the impressive progresses observed in the field of imaging, head and neck cancers are often diagnosed at a late stage and the presence of locally advanced disease in a significant number of patients implies the use of aggressive treatments in order to both ensure local disease control and reduce distant metastasis risks.  In comparison with the first edition, Head and Neck Cancer, Second Edition provides a detailed update of innovative concepts in chemo- and bio-radiation, viral infection impact on tumor growth and response to treatment, and impact of tumor- and host-related factors on treatment outcome.  After obtaining his degree in Radio-Oncology at the University of Liege, Belgium, Jacques Bernier completed his training at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, and the Curie Institute, Paris. In 2006 he joined the Swiss GenolierMedical Network, where since then he has been chairing the Radio-Oncology Department. Throughout most of his career, Jacques Bernier has been heavily involved with translational and clinical research. From 2000 to 2006 Jacques Bernier was Chairman of the Head and Neck Group of the EORTC. He currently serves as an Editorial Board member of various international peer-reviewed journals, including “Journal of Clinical Oncology”. He is an Associate Editor of “Annals of Oncology” (since 2010), and “Oral Oncology” (since January 2011). A Course Director at the European School of Oncology since 1990, Jacques Bernier is also the Chairman of the International Conference on Translational Research in Radio-Oncology - ICTR, organized every three years in Switzerland. He serves as a regular member of advisory boards for many pharmaceutical companies. He is President of the Foundation for the Advancement of Radiation Oncology – FARO, in Geneva, member of the Executive Board of Euro-Asian Society of Mastology - EURAMA, Board of Trustees of “Science for Peace” and Scientific Committee of the “Umberto Veronesi Foundation” in Milan.
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