Complications in Vascular Interventional Therapy. Case-Based Solutions

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Meller-Huelsbeck, S. - Jahnke, T.
Fecha Publicacion
1 ene. 2016
Learn to avoid and manage complications from actual endovascular cases Complications in Vascular Interventional Therapy: Case-Based Solutions provides a systematic review of potential complications that may occur during endovascular procedures. This compendium features 106 cases from daily interventional practice that highlight the most common and important complications that can arise. Each case presents a concise account of patient history, initial treatment, problems encountered, and resulting complication; potential solutions for managing the complication; discussion and analysis of the final course of action; and valuable tips and take-home messages for complication prevention. Key Features: Covers thrombosis, arterial hemorrhage, vessel perforation, distal embolization, device malfunction, access-related complications, and much more A total of 106 real-life cases with 540 images to engage the reader and enhance problem-solving skills A wealth of information and advice for optimizing patient safety before, during, and after interventional therapy Take-home messages at the end of each case provide vital prevention strategies Further Reading and References for exploring topics of interest Complications in Vascular Interventional Therapy: Case-Based Solutions is an invaluable sourcebook for novice and experienced interventional radiologists, vascular surgeons, angiologists, and cardiologists. The clinical cases and practical details found in this book will help all physicians who perform peripheral vascular interventions prepare for the myriad complications they may encounter during endovascular procedures.
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