Inderbir Singh's Textbook Of Human Histology 8th Ed.

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Neelam Vasudeva, Sabita Mishra
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1 jul. 2016
The eighth edition of Inderbir Singh’s Textbook of Human Histology has been fully revised to provide undergraduate medical students with the most recent developments in the field. The book begins with a colour atlas presenting more than 80 slides providing an overview of histology and a quick revision aid. The following chapters discuss the histology of different parts of the body. Each topic has been fully updated and the new edition includes a new chapter on light microbiology and tissue preparation to help students learn the basics of histology. Histological plates have been added to each section to aid recognition of salient features seen under the microscope. All figures have been redrawn and many new illustrations have been added, as well as clinical and pathological correlations. Key points Fully revised, new edition presenting students with recent developments in human histology Features a colour atlas presenting more than 80 histology slides Includes histological plates for each topic and a new chapter on light microbiology Previouseditionpublished in 2014 Contents Color Atlas · Chapter 1: Light Microscopy and Tissue Preparation · Chapter 2: Cell Structure · Chapter 3: Epithelia · Chapter 4: Glands · Chapter 5: General Connective Tissue ·Chapter 6: Cartilage · Chapter 7: Bone · Chapter 8: Muscular Tissue · Chapter 9: Lymphatics and Lymphoid Tissue · Chapter 10: Nervous System · Chapter 11: Skin and its Appendages · Chapter 12: The Cardiovascular System · Chapter 13: The Respiratory System · Chapter 14: Digestive System: Oral Cavity and Related Structures · Chapter 15: Digestive System: Esophagus, Stomach and Intestines · Chapter 16: Hepatobiliary System and Pancreas · Chapter 17: The Urinary System · Chapter 18: Male Reproductive System ·Chapter 19: Female Reproductive System · Chapter 20: Endocrine System · Chapter 21: Special Senses: Eye · Chapter 22: Special Senses: Ear Index Author information  Neelam Vasudeva MBBS MD Director Professor and Head Sabita Mishra MBBS DNB PhD Professor Both at Department of Anatomy, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, India
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