IADVL Color Atlas Of Dermatopathology

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Pradeep Mahajan
Fecha Publicacion
14 jun. 2016
IADVL Color Atlas of Dermatopathology is a highly illustrated guide to the diagnosis and management of dermatologic disorders, correlating pathological results with clinical features. Divided into 22 chapters, the book begins with an “Approach to Dermatology” and “Clues and Pitfalls in Diagnostic Dermatopathology”. Subsequent chapters cover common histopathological findings from psoriasiform tissue reaction, lichenoid and interface dermatisis, and spongiotic dermatoses, to panniculitis, perforating diseases, and melanocytic lesions. IADVL Color Atlas of Dermatopathology is enhanced by nearly 600 full colour images and clinical photographs, illustrating histological patterns for consultants, postgraduates, residents and fellows in pathology and dermatopathology. Key Points Highly illustrated guide to the diagnosis and management of dermatologic disorders, with pathological results Covers a range of common histopathological findings in dermatology 592 full colour images Author information  Pradeep Mahajan Dr Mahajan’s Dermatology and Dermatopathology Services, Pune, Maharashtra, India Contents Chapter 1: Approach to Dermatopathology Chapter 2: Clues and Pitfalls in Diagnostic Dermatopathology Chapter 3: Psoriasiform Tissue Reaction Chapter 4: Lichenoid and Interface Dermatitis Chapter 5: Spongiotic Dermatoses Chapter 6: Vesicobullous Disorders Chapter 7: Granulomatous tissue Reaction Chapter 8: Vasculitis and other Vascular Reaction Patterns Chapter 9: Disorders of Pigmentation Chapter 10: Panniculitis Chapter 11: Diseases of Collagen, Elastin and MucinChapter 12: Pilosebaceous Disorders and Cysts Chapter 13: Cutaneous Deposits Chapter 14: Perforating Diseases Chapter 15: Cutaneous Infections Chapter 16: Epidermal Premalignant and Malignant Conditions Chapter 17: Appendegeal Tumours Chapter 18: Melanocytic Lesions Chapter 19: Vascular and other Tumours Chapter 20: Cutaneous Infiltrates – Non-Lymphoid Chapter 21: Lymphoproliferative Disorders of the Skin Chapter 22: Miscellaneous Conditions
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