Essential Practical Prescribing

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G. Woodfield, B. Phillips, V. Taylor, A. Hawkins, A. Stanton
Fecha Publicacion
15 jun. 2016
Essential Practical Prescribing is an important new textbook with a clinical, ward–based focus. It is specifically designed to help new foundation doctors working on the hospital wards and in the community, as well as medical students preparing for the Prescribing Safety Assessment. Using an accessible format, Essential Practical Prescribing demonstrates how to manage common medical conditions, and explains the logic behind each decision. It also emphasises common pitfalls leading to drug errors, and highlights drugs that could cause harm in certain situations. Organised by hospital department, it outlines the correct management of conditions, as well as highlighting the typical trials of a junior doctor. Contents Preface Acknowledgements How to use your textbook About the companion website 1 Trials of a junior doctor Georgia Woodfield 2 Emergency department Victoria Taylor 3 Cardiology Georgia Woodfield 4 Respiratory Andrew Stanton 5 Gastroenterology Georgia Woodfield 6 Neurology Victoria Taylor 7 Surgery Benedict Lyle Phillips 8 Care of the Elderly Amy Hawkins 9 Anticipatory prescribing at the end of life Amy Hawkins 10 Renal Benedict Lyle Phillips 11 Microbiology Victoria Taylor 12 Rheumatology Victoria Taylor 13 Dermatology Amy Hawkins 14 Obstetrics and Gynaecology Marie O Sullivan 15 Diabetes Amy Hawkins 16 Anticoagulation Andrew Stanton Index
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