Pearls And Pitfalls In Neoplastic Dermatopathology

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Ophelia E. Dadzie, Meera Mahalingam
Cambridge University Press
Fecha Publicacion
20 jun. 2016
This practical book takes the challenge of the dermatopathology sign-out and walks the reader through a diagnostic approach, explaining how to distinguish between benign and malignant lesions and identifying histopathologic features unique to each entity. Through discussion of some 150-200 lineage-unrelated cutaneous neoplastic disorders (primary and secondary), the reader will become familiar with common and sometimes uncommon but clinically relevant conditions. Each chapter adopts a consistent style for quick and easy reading, covering typical microscopic features, clinical vignettes, histological variations, diagnostic pitfalls and differentials, and key diagnostic pearls. Chapters also explain general pathological principles, laboratory processing of specimens and medico-legal aspects of neoplastic dermatopathology. Each copy of the book is packaged with a password, providing online access to all text and images. Written by leading pathologists and educators, this is an essential resource for trainees and more experienced pathologists tackling the daily sign-out as well as board exams in dermatopathology. Provides histopathologic clues to a spectrum of lineage-unrelated tumors, as well as diagnostic pitfalls, enabling the reader to identify histopathologic features that define a specific neoplasm Discusses a general approach to the diagnosis of cutaneous neoplasms, providing the reader with broad principles that can be applied in different settings The consistent chapter structure and bulleted text allows the reader to gain a comprehensive overview quickly and easily Table of contents List of contributors Preface 1. Introduction Dorendra Maisnam, Ophelia E. Dadzie and Meera Mahalingam 2. Keratinocytic tumors Ophelia E. Dadzie 3. Melanocytic tumors Meera Mahalingam 4. Adnexal tumors Dorendra Maisnam and Ophelia E. Dadzie 5. Hematolymphoid tumors Brett Mahon and Vijaya B. Reddy 6. Fibrous and myofibroblastic tumors and reactive lesions Diana Murro and Vijaya B. Reddy 7. Neural tumors Meera Mahalingam 8. Smooth and striated muscle tumors Mark Jabbour and Ossama Abbas 9. Vascular and perivascular tumors, and tumor-like conditions Ophelia E. Dadzie 10. Adipocytic tumors Mark Jabbour and Ossama Abbas 11. Bone and cartilage Mark Jabbour and Ossama Abbas 12. Uncommon lineage-unrelated tumors Meera Mahalingam 13. Cutaneous metastases Meera Mahalingam 14. Medicolegal pitfalls in dermatopathology: perspectives from the USA and the UK Ophelia E. Dadzie and Meera Mahalingam Index.
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