Cardiology. Clinical Methods

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V. Jacob Jose
Fecha Publicacion
30 jun. 2016
Cardiology - Clinical Methods is a concise resource for postgraduate students preparing for exams. Divided into ten chapters, the book begins with a chapter on history taking, followed by arterial pulse, blood pressure, jugular venous pulse and precordial examination palpitation. Further chapters cover heart sounds, and the book closes with a chapter on systolic and diastolic sounds. Each chapter in Cardiology – Clinical Methods begins with a chapter outline to introduce the topic and assist revision. Common exam cases are discussed in detail, and enhanced by images and information tables throughout the book. Key Points • Guide to clinical methods in cardiology for postgraduate students • Chapters on arterial and jugular venous pulse, blood pressure and heart sounds • Images and information tables throughout Contents 1. History Taking 2. Arterial Pulse 3. Blood Pressure 4. Jugular Venous Pulse 5. Precordial Examination Palpation 6. First Heart Sound 7. Second Heart Sound 8. Third Heart Sound 9. Fourth Heart Sound 10. Systolic and Diastolic Sounds Index Authors V Jacob Jose MD DM card. FACC FCSI FIAE Professor of Cardiology, CMC Hospital, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India S Ramakrishnan MD DM card. FACC Additional Professor of Cardiology, AIIMS, New Delhi
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