Reconstructive Dermatologic Surgery

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Brain Jiang, Shang
Fecha Publicacion
2 jun. 2016
Reconstructive Dermatologic Surgery is a practical guide for dermatologists edited by Shang I Brian Jiang, Director of Dermatologic and Mohs Micrographic Surgery at the University of California, San Diego. Divided into 25 chapters across three sections, this book begins with a section on designing a dermatologic surgery office, from the physical space and equipment, to pre-operative considerations such as anaesthesia, and post-operative considerations including bandaging and wound care. This section also includes chapters on suturing techniques, various flaps procedures, skin, cartilage and composite grafts. The second section focuses on reconstructive surgery for each anatomical site, including nose, periorbital, lip, cheek, forehead, ear, scalp and hand. The final section of the book covers post-operative management in detail, including procedures for scar refinement. Reconstructive Dermatologic Surgery features 200 full colour images, enhancing this ideal resource for residents, fellows and experienced dermatologic surgeons. Key Points • Practical guide to reconstructive dermatologic surgery • Edited by Shang I Brian Jiang, Director of Dermatologic and Mohs Micrographic Surgery at UCSD, San Diego • Covers reconstructive surgery by anatomical site, making this an excellent reference resource • 200 full colour images Contents Section 1 - Designing a Dermatologic Surgery Office Chapter 1. Surgical Space and Equipment a. Physical space b. Table c. Lighting d. Cautery e. Smoke management Chapter 2. Surgical Instruments/Fundamentals of Reconstructions Chapter 3.Histopathology of the skin Chapter 4. Anatomy of facial vasculature / musculature Chapter 5. Preoperative considerations a. Anesthesia b. Prophylaxis c. Anticoagulation management Chapter 6.Postoperative considerations a. Bandaging b. Wound Care c. Biologic Dressings Chapter 7. Suturing techniques Chapter 8. Flap classification and design / Biomechanics of skin flaps/Skin flap and graft physiology Chapter 9. Advancement flaps a. Unilateral b. Bilateral (A to T) c. V to Y Chapter 10. Rotation flaps a. Unilateral b. Bilateral (O to Z) Chapter 11. Transposition flaps a. Rhombic b. Bilobed c. Z-plasty d. Nasolabial Chapter 12. Staged Flaps a. Melolabial b. Scalp to Ear c. Paramedian Chapter 13. Skin, cartilage and composite grafts a. Full thickness b. Split thickness c. Cartilage d. Composite Chapter 14. Combination Repairs Section 2 - Reconstruction by anatomic site Chapter 15.Reconstruction of the nose Chapter 16. Reconstruction of the eyelid/periorbital Chapter 17. Reconstruction of the lip/perioral Chapter 18. Reconstruction of the cheek Chapter 19. Reconstruction of the forehead Chapter 20. Reconstruction of the ear Chapter 21. Reconstruction of the scalp Chapter 22. Reconstruction of the hand/nail Section 3 - Post-Operative Management Chapter 23. Scar revision a. Surgical procedure (z-plasty, m-plasty, w-plasty, v-y plasty, etc) Chapter 24.Scar refinement a. Laser b. Dermabrasion c. Intralesional d. subcision Chapter 25. Complications Author information Shang I Brian Jiang Clinical Professor, Division of Dermatology and Director of Dermatologic and Mohs, Micrographic Surgery at UCSD, San Diego, CA, USA
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