Prosthetic Surgery In Urology

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Asif Muneer, Ian Pearce
Fecha Publicacion
2 jun. 2016
Urologists interested in prosthesis surgery currently offer a range of procedures eg slings for incontinence in both men and women and is also within the remit of those undertaking AUS (artificial urinary sphincter) implantation and likewise andrological surgeons undertaking penile prosthesis also offer AUS. There are also a number of procedures which are common to all urologists with a general urology practice eg ureteric stents and testicular implants. However, the purpose of this book is to cover this area of urological surgery and provide a reference book for those interested in expanding their practice. Feature: This book will be well illustrated with a focus on the surgical steps for the procedures, where a combination of intraoperative photos and illustrated diagrams will bring more clarity to some of the procedures It will provide a thorough background to the different types of prosthesis, stents, etc. The contributing authors will be international surgeons both European and from North America Contents History of Prosthetic Surgery in Urology.- Introduction to Prosthetic devices.- Infection and biofilms.- Patient selection and assessment.- Consent for surgery.- Theatre preparation and equipment.- Patient preparation for surgery.- Urinary catheters and stomas.- Ureteric stents.- Prostatic stents.- Testicular implants.- Sacral neuromodulation.- Artificial urinary sphincter (AUS).- Surgery for female urinary incontinence.- Male urethal slings.- Injectable agents in urology.- Penile reconstruction using grafts.- Penile prosthesis surgery.- Complications of penile prosthesis surgery.- Future developments in prosthetic surgery.
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