Breast Imaging Case Series: Radiologic And Pathologic Correlations

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Surekha Joshi, Kirti Kulkarni
Fecha Publicacion
12 ene. 2017
This book is a comprehensive guide to breast imaging for clinicians and trainees. Presented as a series of cases, the text follows a unique approach by correlating radiological and pathological findings. Beginning with an overview of breast screening, the book covers all imaging techniques – mammography, ultrasound, MRI, and new technologies including digital breast tomosynthesis and molecular imaging. The following sections explain different types of breast cancer, staging, surgical planning, unusual lesions, and imaging in pregnancy and lactation, and with breast implants. A complete chapter is dedicated to evaluation of the male breast. Authored by recognised specialists from Tennessee and Chicago, the book features numerous radiological images to assist understanding. Each case is different, creating a unique radiology-pathology correlation pattern. Key Points Comprehensive guide to breast imaging presented as series of cases Uniqueradiology-pathologycorrelationapproach Covers all imaging techniques and types of breast cancer Recognised, US-basedauthorteam Contents 1. Screening Of Breast Cancer 2. Diagnostic Mammogram And Ultrasound 3. Image Guided Intervention 4. Establishing Concordance After Image Guided Biopsy 5. High Risk Lesions: ADH, ALH, Papillary Lesions, Radial Scar 6. Imaging Features Of Breast Cancers 7. Staging Of Breast Cancer 8. Surgical Planning, Sentinel Node Injection 9. Imaging Surveillance After Breast Cancer Diagnosis 10. Breast Imaging During Pregnancy And Lactation 11. Imaging Of Breast Implants And The Altered Breast 12. Evaluation Of The Male Breast 13. Unusual Breast Lesions: Pagets, Lymphoma, Sarcoma , Metastasis,Phylloides, Granulomatous Mastitis, Mondors Disease 14. Artifacts: Mammography, Ultrasound And MRI 15. Special Considerations: PEM, BSGI ( Molecular Imaging) And Digital Contrast Enhanced Mammography Author information  Surekha Joshi MD Breast Imaging & Intervention, Diagnostic Imaging, Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee Health Science Centre, USA Kirti Kulkarni MD Assistant Professor, Section of Abdominal and Breast Imaging, Director, Breast Imaging Fellowship Program, Department of Radiology, University of Chicago Medicine, Chicago, USA
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