A Practical Guide To Fascial Manipulation. An Evidence- And Clinical-Based Approach

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Tuulia Luomala, Mika Pihlman
Elsevier España
Fecha Publicacion
17 dic. 2016
Grounded in scientific and clinical evidence, this highly illustrated new guide gives an introduction to the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders using the FascialManipulation (FM) method developed by Luigi Stecco - the foremost scientifically valid method of evaluating and treating fascial dysfunction. It describes FM’s history, anatomy and physiology of fasciae, indications and contraindications, mechanisms of action, and details of the subjective and physical techniques used to manage disorders. A Practical Guide to Fascial Manipulation focuses on concepts around evaluating the fascia based on functional testing, movement and direction in specific spatial planes, and the locationof specific areas to treat safely. With an emphasis throughout on accessible practical information, the book is also supported by a website - www.guidefascial.com - containing procedural video clips and an image bank. Contents  Forewords Acknowledgements Introduction 1 History of Fascial Manipulation 2 Anatomy of the Fascia from the Clinical Point of View 3 Physiology of the Fascia from the Clinical Point of View  4 Fascial Manipulation  5 What Kind of Disorders and Dysfunctions to Treat with Musculoskeletal Fascial Manipulation 6 Fascial Manipulation for Internal Dysfunctions 7 Veterinary Fascial Manipulation 8 Conclusion Companion Website: www.guidefascial.com video bank image bank
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