Non-Parkinsonian Movement Disorders

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Deborah Hall, Brandon Barton
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20 feb. 2017
A clinical ‘in the office’ or ‘at the bedside’ guide to effective patient care for neurologists in practice and in training ◾Eachpresentationincludespracticaldescriptions of phenomenology, and keyclinicalinformationfromthehistory and neurologicalexaminationthatguidethephysician to thecorrect diagnosis, and treatmentoptions ◾ThroughoutthebookScience Revisited highlights remind clinicians of the scientific anchors related to each disorder, and Evidence at a Glance boxes summarise clinical trial evidence-basedreview information ◾Numerous video clips in everychapterdemonstratedifferentmovementdisorders to aid diagnosis ◾Uniquelearningtools, Tips and Tricksand Caution Warning boxes, give useful hints on improving outcomes and preventing errors Contents List of Contributors Series Foreword Foreword ◾Approach to Movement Disorders Deborah Hall and Brandon Barton Section 1: Hypokinetic ◾Hypokinetic (Non-Parkinsonian) MovementDisorders Shyamal H. Mehta and Alberto J. Espay Section 2: Hyperkinetic ◾Tremor Jeff Kraakevik, Bernadette Schoneburg ◾Myoclonus Daniel Burdick and Pinky Agrawal ◾Tics and Tourette Syndrome David Shprecher ◾Hyperkineticdisorders: Chorea, Athetosis, and Ballism Rohit Dhall ◾Hyperkinetic: Dystonia Lauren Schrock, Tao Xie and Brandon Barton ◾Neurology in Practice - HyperkineticDisorders: Ataxia Samantha Holden and Deborah Hall ◾RestlessLegsSyndrome Olga Klepitskaya ◾HemifacialSpasm And Other Facial MovementDisorders Tao Xie, Ifeoma Nwaneri, Un Jung Kang ◾PeriodicLimbMovements of Sleep and REM SleepBehaviorDisorder Aleksandar Videnovic ◾Stereotypies Michael Rotstein ◾ParoxysmalMovementDisorders Christina L. Vaughan ◾UncommonMovementDisorders and MovementDisorderMimics Nina Browner Section 3: Other Disease Syndromes ◾TardiveSyndromes Stephanie Lessig ◾Heavy Metal Accumulation Diseases Khashayar Dashtipour and Janice Fuentes ◾ICU Intensive Care Unit Movement Disorder Emergencies Florence C.F. Chang, Steven J. Frucht ◾FunctionalorPsychogenicMovementDisorders Elizabeth Zauber Section 4: Additional Resources ◾Genetics of MovementDisorders Deborah Hall ◾Neuroimagingfinding in MovementDisorders Kathleen Poston ◾Clinical Rating Scales in MovementDisorders Padmaja Vittal and Brandon R. Barton ◾Videotapingsuggestionsformovementdisorders Gian Pal, Deborah A Hall Index Author Deborah Hall, MD, PhD Department of Neurological Sciences, Section of Movement Disorders at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago Dr Hall was awarded her MD at Indiana University and completed her internship, neurology residency and movement disorders fellowship at University of Colorado. She is the recipient of an NIH K23career development award to investigate the prevalence of FMR1 repeat expansions in various movement disorders. Her research interests are in Fragile X tremor ataxia syndrome and in clinicalaspects of movement disorders. Brandon Barton, MD Department of Neurological sciences, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago Dr Barton splits his time between the Movement Disorders section at Rush University Medical Center and the Veterans Administration. Barton's research interests are in clinical trials in movementdisorders, and in behavioral changes in Parkinson disease, particularly impulse control disorders.
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