Keratoconus. Recent Advances In Diagnosis And Treatment

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Jorge L. Alio
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20 ene. 2017
As a degenerative disorder of the eye, keratoconus can cause substantial distortion of vision, with multiple images, streaking, and sensitivity to light all reported by patients. Keratoconus: Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment updates ophthalmologists about the innovations that have occurred within the last decade, discussing the diagnostic imaging techniques that have been developed for keratoconus diagnosis, understanding of how examination techniques are related to the evolution of keratoconus, and how to indicate the different therapeutic tools that have been created for keratoconus over the last several years. Additionally, fundamentals for new diagnostic elements, based on the mathematical, physical and biomechanical data are analyzed in depth for a better understanding of the essential diagnostic steps for the clinician to guide patients towards the most adequate therapeutic tool in the case. Modern keratoplasty techniques, assisted by femtosecond lasers or other devices, are also covered and these techniques, along with the emerging conservative treatments, have added to more precise control of the evolution of the disease. Contents Part 1: Introduction 1 What is Keratoconus? A New Approach to a Not So Rare Disease Jorge L. Alio 2 Modern Pathogenesis of Keratoconus: Genomics and Proteomics Pierre Fournie, Stephane D. Galiacy, Francois Malecaze 3 Epidemiology of Keratoconus Ramez Barbara, Andrew M. J. Turnbull, Parwez Hossain, David F. Anderson, and Adel Barbara 4 Histopathology (From Keratoconus Pathology to Pathogenesis)Trevor Sherwin, Salim Ismail, I-Ping Loh, and Jennifer Jane McGhee 5 Keratoconus in ChildrenLuca Buzzonetti, Paola Valente, and Gianni Petrocelli Part 2: Diagnostic Tools in Keratoconus 6 Instrumentation for Diagnosis of Keratoconus Francesco. Versaci and Gabriele Vestri 7 Analyzing Tomographic Corneal Elevation for Detecting Ectasia Michael W. Belin and Renato Ambrosio Jr. 8 Analyzing Tomographic Thickness for Detecting Corneal Ectatic DiseasesRenato Ambrosio Jr., F. Faria Correia, and Michael W. Belin 9 New Diagnostic Approach of Corneal Topography Maps Francisco Cavas-Martinez, Ernesto De la Cruz Sanchez, Jose Nieto Martinez, Francisco J. Fernandez Canavate, and Daniel Garcia Fernandez-Pacheco 10 Geometrical Analysis of Corneal Topography Francisco Cavas Martinez, Ernesto De la Cruz Sanchez, Jose Nieto Martinez, Francisco J. Fernandez Canavate, and Daniel Garcia Fernandez-Pacheco 11 Early Keratoconus Detection Enhanced by Modern Diagnostic Technology Francisco Cavas Martinez, Pablo Sanz Diez, Alfredo Vega Estrada, Ernesto De la Cruz Sanchez, Daniel Garcia Fernandez-Pacheco, Ana Belen Plaza Puche, Jose Nieto Martinez, Francisco J. Fernandez Canavate, and Jorge L. Alio 12 Role of Corneal Biomechanics in the Diagnosis and Management of Keratoconus FangJun Bao, Brendan Geraghty, QinMei Wang, and Ahmed Elsheikh 13 Diagnosing Keratoconus Using VHF Digital Ultrasound Epithelial Thickness Profiles Dan Z. Reinstein, Timothy J. Archer, Marine Gobbe, Raksha Urs, and Ronald H. Silverman 14 Brillouin Scanning Microscopy in Keratoconus Giuliano Scarcelli and Seok Hyun Yun Part 3: The Clinical Profile of Keratoconus 15 Keratoconus Grading and Its Therapeutic Implications Alfredo Vega Estrada, Pablo Sanz Diez, Jorge L. Alio Part 4: Therapeutic Tools in Keratoconus 16 Contact Lenses for Keratoconus Amy Watts and Kathryn Colby 17 Intracorneal Ring Segments: Types, Indications and Kilic, Jorge L. Alio del Barrio, and Alfredo Vega Estrada 18 Intracorneal Ring Segments: Complications Aylin Kilic and Jorge L. Alio del Barrio 19 Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking for Corneal Ectasias David O'Brart 20 Complications of Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking David O'Brart 21 Pediatric Corneal Cross-Linking Sabine Kling and Farhad Hafezi 22 Carbon Nanomaterials: An Upcoming Therapy for Corneal Biomechanic EnhancementAlfredo Vega Estrada, Jorge L. Alio, and Joaquin Silvestre-Albero Part 5. Surgery of Keratoconus 23 Surgical Correction of Keratoconus: Different Modalities of Keratoplasty and Their Clinical Outcomes Jorge L. Alio del Barrio, Francisco Arnalich Montiel, and Jorge L. Alio 24 The Use of Femtosecond Laser and Corneal Welding in the Surgery of Keratoconus Luca Menabuoni, Alex Malandrini, Annalisa Canovetti, Ivo Lenzetti, Roberto Pini, and Francesca Rossi Part 6. Refractive Surgery in Keratoconus 25 Refractive Surgery in Keratoconus Pablo Sanz Diez, Alfredo Vega Estrada, and Jorge L. Alio 26 Excimer Laser Ablation in Keratoconus Treatment: Sequential High Definition-Guided PRK after CXL Mohamed Shafik Shaheen and Ahmed Shalaby 27 Iris-Supported Phakic IOLs Implantation in Patients with Keratoconus Pablo Sanz Diez, Alfredo Vega-Estrada, Roberto Fernandez Buenaga, and Jorge L. Alio 28 Toric Implantable Collamer Lens for Correction of Myopia and Astigmatism in Keratoconus Mohamed Shafik Shaheen and Hussam Zaghloul 29 Cataract Surgery in the Patient with Keratoconus Roberto Fernandez Buenaga and Jorge L. Alio 30 Adjourn: A Glance at the Future of Keratoconus Jorge L. Alio
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