Optics, Light And Lasers: The Practical Approach To Modern Aspects Of Photonics And Laser Physics 3rd Ed.

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Dieter Meschede
Fecha Publicacion
7 mar. 2017
This new, updated and enlarged edition of the successful and exceptionally well-structured textbook features new chapters on such hot topics as nanooptics and plasmonics, femtocombs, and quantum cascade lasers. It provides comprehensive and coherent coverage of fundamental optics, laser physics, and important modern applications, while equally including some traditional aspects for the first time, such as the Collins integral, aspheric lenses, remote/trace gas sensing. There are now also more problems with solutions, which reflect theaddition of the new topics. Written for newcomers to the topic who will benefit from the author's ability to explain difficult theories and effects in a straightforward and readily comprehensible way. Author Information Dieter Meschede studied physics in several places including Hannover, Cologne, Boulder, and Munich. He has been professor of experimental physics since 1990. At the University of Bonn his current scientific interests are directed towards light-matter interactions at the mostelementary level, i.e. with single atoms and single photons.
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