Progress In Optics, Volume 61

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Taco D. Visser
Elsevier España
Fecha Publicacion
14 abr. 2016
The Progress in Optics series contains more than 300 review articles by distinguished research workers, which have become permanent records for many important developments, helping optical scientists and optical engineers stay abreast of their fields. Key Features Comprehensive, in-depthreviews Edited by the leading authority in the field Readership Researchers, professors, postgraduate students, Academic and corporate libraries in the field of optics Taco Visser Professor Taco Visser works at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands Affiliations and Expertise Department of Physics and Astronomy, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Contents Progress in Optics, 1st Edition Preface Chapter One: Computational Optics Through Sequence Transformations Abstract 1 Introduction 2 Why Levin-Type Sequence Transformations? 3 Decoding Divergent Series in Optics 4 Numerical Exploration of the Diffraction Catastrophe Zoo 5 Conclusions Acknowledgments Chapter Two: Coherence of Supercontinuum Light Abstract 1 Introduction 2 SC Generation 3 Coherence of Nonstationary Light 4 Spectral and Temporal Coherence 5 Spatial Coherence 6 Experimental Perspectives 7 Conclusions and Outlook Acknowledgments ChapterThree: Quantum Optomechanics Abstract 1 Introduction 2 Experimental Background 3 Quantum Noise of Parametric Transducer 4 Dynamic Back-Action of the Parametric Transducer 5 Conclusion Appendix A Quantization of Running Optical Wave Appendix B Standard Optomechanical Schemes Appendix C Quantum Noise Spectral Densities of the Parametric Transducer Appendix D Effective Quantum Noise Spectral Densities Acknowledgments Chapter Four: Light Modes of Free Space Abstract 1 Introduction 2 Waves 3 Beams 4 Summary Chapter Five: Polarization in Quantum Optics Abstract 1 Introduction 2 Electric Field Wave Functions and Trajectories 3 Stokes Operators and Coherent States 4 Phase-Space Pictures 5 Hidden Polarization and Degrees of Polarization 6 Nonclassical Polarization 7 Conclusions Acknowledgments AuthorIndex SubjectIndex Contents of PreviousVolumes CumulativeIndex – Volumes 1–61
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