Gynecologic And Obstetric Surgery. Challenges And Management Options

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Arri Coomarasamy, Mahmood Shafi, G. Willy Davila, K.K. Chan
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21 abr. 2016
Gynecologic and obstetric surgery is a craft that requires sound knowledge and skills. The specifics of each individual case must be understood to enable the best surgical management approach and to minimize complications. This resource book offers insightful management options to many of the challenges a gynecologic or obstetric surgeon may face before, during and after an operation. Divided into two sections, the book first covers general preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative challenges and, second, specific surgical procedures. It provides advice on both general gynecologic and obstetric operations, as well as subspecialist areas such as reproductive surgery, urogynecology and gynecologic oncology. The chapters are concise, beginning with illustrative case histories followed by background, management options, and any preventative approaches. Designed to guide the surgeon to safe practice throughout all stages, they offer practical and step-by-step help. Contents Contributors Preface List of Abbreviations PART I: GENERAL PRE-, INTRA-, and POST-OPERATIVE CHALLENGES SECTION 1: PRE-OPERATIVE CARE Phil Moore and Arri Coomarasamy 1 Patient with poor ASA score Phil Moore 2 Patient on medication Arri Coomarasamy 3 Patient with ischaemic heart disease Sohail Khan and Jonathan Townend 4 Patient with Arrhythmias Sanoj Chacko and Joseph de Bono 5 Patient with a pace-maker or implantable defibrillator Howard Marshall 6 Patient with complex congenital heart disease (a Fontan Circulation) Yaso Emmanuel and Sara Thorne 7 Hypertensive patient Catherine Nelson-Piercy and Aarthi Mohan 8 Patient with respiratory disease Heinke Kunst 9 Patient with diabetes Arri Coomarasamy and Dukaydah van der Berg 10 Patient with thyroid disease Ramy Labib and Shiao Chan 11 Patient with renal disease Khalid Hasan 12 Patient with liver disease Joanna Dowman and Phil Newsome 13 Patient with rheumatologic diseases Amita Mahendru and Justin Chu 14 Patient with hematologic disorders Chieh Lin (Kathy) Fu 15 Patient at high risk of venous thrombosis Ian Greer 16 Patient on anti-coagulant therapy Sophie Lee and Will Lester 17 Patient on steroid therapy Shaista Nazir and John Ayuk 18 Patient with epilepsy Danita Jones and Virgil Salanga 19 Patient with a psychiatric condition Idnan Yunas 20 Patient with organ transplant Sarah Winfield 21 Patient with Hep B or Hep C Firas Al-Rshoud and Arri Coomarasamy 22 Patient with HIV Firas Al-Rshoud and Arri Coomarasamy 23 Obese patient Phil Moore 24 Patient with poor nutritional status Phil Moore 25 Pregnant patient requiring non-obstetric surgery Arri Coomarasamy SECTION 2: INTRA-OPERATIVE CARE Arri Coomarasamy and Mahmood Shafi 26 Transverse incision on the abdomen inadequate for surgery Arri Coomarasamy 27 Patient with multiple abdominal scars Mohammed Khairy and Arri Coomarasamy 28 Patient with previous mesh incisional hernia repair requiring a laparotomy Chris Keh and Christopher Smart 29 Patient with previous mesh incisional hernia repair requiring a laparoscopy Emanuele Lo Menzo, Samuel Szomstein and Raul Rosenthal 30 Unexpected pathology: ovarian cyst Mohan Kumar 31 Unexpected pathology: abnormal appearance of the uterus Arri Coomarasamy 32 Unexpected pathology: severe pelvic adhesions Stephen Zimberg and Michael Sprague 33 Unexpected pathology: abnormal appearance of bowel Olivia Will and Justin Davies 34 Unexpected pathology: retro-peritoneal mass Mohamed Mehasseb 35 Bladder injury Arri Coomarasamy and Richard Popert 36 Ureteric injury Arri Coomarasamy and Richard Popert 37 Small and large bowel injury Howard Joy 38 Inferior epigastric vessel injury M Chakrabarti and Sudha Sundar 38 Inferior epigastric vessel injury M Chakrabarti and Sudha Sundar 39 Bleeding from retracted pedicular (pelvic sidewall) vessels Michael Sprague and Stephen Zimberg 40 Massive haemorrhage KL Moores, Will Parry-Smith and Martin Underwood 41 Broken needle J Ritchie, A Radotra and Martin Underwood 42 Lost swab, needle or instrument J Ritchie, A Radotra and Martin Underwood SECTION 3: POST-OPERATIVE CARE Arri Coomarasamy and Janesh Gupta 43 Post-operative care Janesh Gupta, Robbert Soeters and Aaron Nhdluni 44 Excessive nausea and vomiting after surgery Phil Moore 45 Excessive abdominal pain after surgery Manjeet Shehmar 45 Excessive abdominal pain after surgery Manjeet Shehmar 46 Bowel damage: postoperative presentation Ketankumar Gajjar and Mahmood Shafi 47 Wound infection Pallavi Latthe and James Gray 48 Wound dehiscence Justin Clark 49 Late wound failure: incisional hernia Saloney Nazeer 50 Necrotising fasciitis Tariq Ahmad 51 Surgical drains Ahmed M El-Sharkawy and Sherif Awad 52 Shocked patient Manjeet Shehmar 53 Breathless patient: post-operative pulmonary complications Christopher Primus and Heinke Kunst 53 Breathless patient: post-opertaive pulmonary complications Heinke Kunst 54 Confused post-operative patient Idnan Yunas 55 Patient with poor urine output Amelia Davison and Jackie Ross 56 Electrolyte imbalance Manjeet Shehmar and Arri Coomarasamy 57 The swollen leg Edwin Stephen, Indrani Sen and Tim Lees 58 Cardiorespiratory arrest Jennie Kerr PART II: OPERATIONS and CHALLENGES SECTION 4: GENERAL and MINIMAL ACCESS GYNECOLOGY Justin Clark, Kiong K. Chan and Arri Coomarasamy 59 Difficulty in dilating a cervix: Cervical stenosis and cervical closure Arri Coomarasamy 60 Uterine perforation Arri Coomarasamy 61 Surgical uterine evacuation: excessive bleeding Rajesh Varma 62 Surgical uterine evacuation in a woman with multiple fibroids Rajesh Varma 63 Use of excessive distension media at hysteroscopy Arri Coomarasamy 64 Hysteroscopy: endometrial resection and ablation in the abnormal uterine cavity lessandro Conforti and Adam Magos 65 Laparoscopy in a pediatric patient Suketu Mansuria, Cara King and Arri Coomarasamy 66 Safe laparoscopic entry in a thin patient Janesh Gupta and Justin Chu 67 Laparoscopy: unable to gain entry Mohamed Mehasseb 68 Surgical emphysema Arri Coomarasamy 69 Venous Air Embolism Anneke Chu and Jennie Kerr 70 Laparoscopy: problems with monopolar diathermy Thomas Lang and Resad Pasic 71 Laparoscopy: problems with bipolar diathermy Thomas Lang and Resad Pasic 72 Laparoscopy: bladder injury Peter Rosenblatt 73 Laparoscopy: ureteric injury Peter Rosenblatt 74 Bowel injury during laparoscopy: intraoperative presentation Alan Lam 75 Bowel injury after laparoscopy: late presentation Alan Lam 76 Blood vessel injury at laparoscopy Liza Ball 77 Laparoscopy for large ovarian cyst Justin Clark 78 Laparoscopy for an ovarian cyst in pregnancy Justin Clark 79 Laparoscopic removal of recto-vaginal endometriosis Alan Lam 80 Laparoscopic myomectomy Ertan Saridogan 81 Total laparoscopic hysterectomy Alan Farthing 82 Laparoscopic hysterectomy for a large fibroid uterus Alan Lam 83 Laparoscopy: difficulty in tissue retrieval Su Yen Khong and Alan Lam 84 Surgery for cornual or interstitial pregnancy Ayesha Mahmud and Yousri Afifi 85 Surgery for cervical ectopic pregnancy Bassel Wattar and Yousri Afifi 86 Surgery for caesarean scar pregnancy Justin Clark 87 Surgery for adnexal torsion Mohamed Otify and Jackie Ross 88 Laparoscopic appendicectomy Edward Rawstorne, Chris Keh and Christopher Smart 89 Laparoscopic surgery: When to convert to laparotomy? Mohamed Mehasseb 90 Laparoscopy: late complication – Port site herniation Ayesha Mahmud and Yousri Afifi SECTION 5: REPRODUCTIVE SURGERY Arri Coomarasamy and Mahmood Shafi 91 Uterine septum division Basim Abu-Rafea and Khaldoun Sharif 92 Surgery for intrauterine adhesions Mohan Kumar 93 Myomectomy: breach of the endometrial cavity Masoud Afnan 94 Myomectomy: multiple large fibroids Justin Chu and Arri Coomarasamy 95 Myomectomy: massive intraoperative haemorrhage Neelam Potdar and Arri Coomarasamy 96 Vaginal myomectomy Adam Magos 97 Surgery for proximal tubal blockage Spyros Papaiannou 98 Surgery for distal tubal blockage Lynne Robinson, Hemant Vakharia and Yousri Afifi 99 Reversal of female sterilization Hemant Vakharia, Lynne Robinson and Yousri Afifi 100 Surgery for congenital abnormalities of the genital tract Naomi Crouch 101 Surgical sperm retrieval David Muthuveloe and Zaki Almallah SECTION 6: UROGYNECOLOGIC SURGERY Pallavi Latthe and Willy Davila 102 Sling procedures: bladder injury Fidan Bayli and Philip Toozs-Hobson 103 Sling procedures: urethral injury Gamal Ghoniem 104 Sling procedures: retropubic haematoma Fidan Bayli and Philip Toozs-Hobson 105 Sling procedures: bowel injury Fidan Bayli and Philip Toozs-Hobson 106 Sling procedures: voiding dysfunction after stress urinary incontinence surgery Margarita Aponte and Victor Nitti 107 Sling procedures: tape erosion into bladder Samuel Grimsley and Zaki Almallah 108 Sling procedures: sexual dysfunction Swati Jha and Ranee Thakar 109 Sling procedures: persistent urine leakage Luis Espaillat-Rijo and Willy Davila 110 Difficult vaginal hysterectomy Shirish Sheth and Seth Finkelstein 111 Vaginal hysterectomy: difficulty in entering the posterior pouch Alfredo Jijon and Willy Davila 112 Salpingo-oopherectomy at the time of vaginal hysterectomy Alfredo Jijon and Willy Davila 113 Bladder injury during anterior vaginal repair or vaginal hysterectomy Pallavi Latthe, Suneetha Rachaneni and Mohammed Belal 113 Bladder injury at anterior repair Pallavi Latthe 113 Bladder injury at anterior repair Pallavi Latthe 113 Bladder injury at anterior repair Pallavi Latthe 113 Bladder injury at anterior repair Pallavi Latthe 113 Bladder injury at anterior repair Pallavi Latthe 114 Difficult sacrocolpopexy Orfhlaith O'Sullivan and Barry O'Reilly 115 Difficult sacrospinous fixation Smita Rajshekhar and Rohna Kearney 116 Recurrent pelvic organ prolapse Monika Vij and Bob Freeman 117 Colpocleisis Kalaivani Ramalingam and Ash Monga 118 Uterine suspension procedures: Laparoscopic hysteropexy Natalia Price and Simon Jackson 119 Mesh tape exposure following tension free vaginal tape (TVT) Helen Bolton and Mark Slack 120 Vaginal vault evisceration Swati Jha 121 Complications in laparoscopic pelvic floor surgery Nir Haya and Chris Maher 122 Robotic urogynecology procedures Orfhlaith O'Sulivan and Barry O'Reilly 123 Complications in robotic pelvic floor surgery Amie Kawasaki 124 Neovagina Lynsey Hayward and Willy Davila 125 Vaginal stricture after pelvic organ prolapse surgery Willy Davila, Ted Roth and Rodney Meeks 126 Urethral diverticula and other periurethral masses Bhavin Patel and Kathleen Kobashi 127 Vesico-vaginal fistulae Karolynn Echols, Tamara Toidze and Edward Stanford 128 Urethro-vaginal fistulae Suzy Elneil 129 Recto-vaginal fistulae Claire Burton and Simon Radley 130 Secondary anal sphincter repair Steven Wexner and Emanuele Silva SECTION 7: GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGY Kavita Singh, Mahmood Shafi and Kiong K. Chan 131 Large loop excision of the transformation zone (LLETZ) Mahmood Shafi 132 Knife cone biopsy Najum Qureshi 133 Staging procedures: examination under anaesthesia, cystoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and biopsy techniques Mahmood Shafi 134 Radicality of surgery for cervical cancer Mahmood Shafi 135 Pelvic and para-aortic lymphadenectomy in gynecologic cancers Kavita Singh and Rami Fares 136 Trachelectomy for treatment of cervical cancer Kavita Singh and Janos Balega 137 Laparoscopic radical surgery for cervical cancer Mohamed Mehasseb 138 Groin and retroperitoneal lymphocele David Luesley 139 Laparotomy for a pelvic mass of uncertain nature Mahmood Shafi 140 Gynecologic cancer extending to the bowel Kiong K Chan 141 Omental procedures: supracolic omentectomy, infracolic omentectomy, omental biopsy Kiong K Chan 142 Diaphragmatic surgery in advanced ovarian cancer Ariella Jakobsen-Setton and Kavita Singh 143 Fine needle aspiration; biopsy of superficial groin lymph node Moji Balogun 144 Vulval surgery: wide local excision and vulvectomy Mahmood Shafi 145 Sentinel node biopsy in gynecologic cancer Kavita Singh 146 Groin lymphadenectomy Ketan Gajjar 147 Plastic surgical techniques used in vulval or perineal procedures Mahmood Shafi 148 Vaginectomy Janos Balega and Kavita Singh 149 Urinary diversion John Parkin 150 Pelvic exenteration Kavita Singh 151 Gynecologic cancer and concurrent pregnancy Nirmala Rai Talapadi and Sudha Sundar SECTION 8: OBSTETRIC SURGERY Pallavi Latthe, Kiong K. Chan and Arri Coomarasamy 152 Ovarian cyst identified at caesarean section Kiong K Chan and Ioannis Gallos 153 Laparoscopy in pregnancy Kevin Stepp and Anjana Nair 154 Cervical cerclage Ayesha Mahmud and Yousri Afifi 155 Caesarean section in a woman with fibroids Andrew Prentice 156 Caesarean section at the limits of viability Catherine Aiken and Jeremy Brockelsby 157 Difficult delivery of the fetal head during caesarean section Parveen Abedin 158 Surgical management of massive obstetric haemorrhage from the uterus, cervix or vagina Phil Steer 159 Surgical management of placenta praevia Vibha Giri and Mohan Kumar 160 Surgical management of placenta accrete Vibha Giri and Mohan Kumar 161 Surgical management options for shoulder dystocia: Zavanelli maneuver, abdominal rescue, symphsiotomy and cleidotomy Syeda Batool Mazhar and Asia Nazir 162 Uterine inversion Phil Steer 163 Episiotomy and second degree tear Khaled Ismail and Sara Webb 164 Obstetric anal sphincter tear Natalie Nunes, Helen Stevenson and Matthew Parsons 165 Pregnancy and female genital mutilation Naomi Low-Beer and Gubby Ayida 166 Destructive operations on a dead fetus Hany Abdelaleem 166 Destructive operations on the fetus Hany Abdelaleem 167 Setting up of a basic obstetric theatre facility in a low-resource setting Zahida Qureshi and Alfred Murage SECTION 9: MISCELLANEOUS Mahmood Shafi and Arri Coomarasamy 168 Enhanced recovery Manjeet Shehmar 169 Major surgery in a Jehovah’s Witness patient Martin Underwood and Will Parry-Smith 170 Termination of pregnancy at advanced gestation Rohan Chodankar and Janesh Gupta 171 Cervical fibroids: techniques for myomectomy and hysterectomy Debby Karp 172 Hysterectomy for broad ligament fibroids Kiong K Chan 173 Hysterectomy for a double uterus Kiong K Chan 174 Cervical stump excision Kiong K Chan 175 Surgery for ovarian remnant Kiong K Chan and Arri Coomarasamy 176 Surgery for a missing intrauterine contraceptive device Toh Lick Tan 177 Management of imperforate hymen, transverse and other vaginal septa Jane Macdougall 178 Benign lesions in the groin and vulva Jennifer Byrom 179 Cystic structure in the upper vagina Ted Roth and Rodney Meeks 180 Adnexal masses in infants and children Rachel Miller and KrisAnn Schultz 181 Nerve injuries associated with gynecologic and obstetric surgery Djavid Alleemudder 182 Consent challenges Will Parry-Smith and Martin Underwood 183 Dealing with complaints Mahmood Shafi 184 Dealing with litigation Rebekah Ley and Mahmood Shafi Index
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