Cutting Edge Of Ophthalmic Surgery. From Refractive Smile To Robotic Vitrectomy

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Ulrich Spandau, Gabor Scharioth
Fecha Publicacion
27 mar. 2017
This book presents the most modern and innovative techniques in ocular surgery currently utilized by experts in the field. All aspects of ocular surgery from the front to the back of the eye are covered in this resource, with all surgeries demonstrated as 'recipes' with first the ingredients and then the surgical techniques with step-by-step instructions. The surgeries are illustrated with photographs, drawings and videos for practical application, and the step-by-step presentation allows for quick and easy access to the most appropriate techniques in ocular surgery. Contents Endoscopic lacrimal duct surgery.- Historical overview of the clinical development of "all in one" femtosecond refractive laser surgery.- SMILE - small incision lenticule extraction: A basic guideline.- Canaloplasty.- Viscocanalochromostomy.- Iris surgery (iris prosthesis and iris suture.- Femto-Catarakt.- Laser phaco.- Congenital cataract surgery with Tassignon IOL.-Macula IOL.- Add-on IOL.- Scleral fixated IOL and Glued IOL.- Pediatric vitrectomy with 27G TDC cutter.- Robotic surgery.
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