Radiofrequency Treatments On The Spine

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Stefano Marcia, Lightbody, Marcia L., Luca Saba
Fecha Publicacion
27 mar. 2017
This book describes the principles and applications of radiofrequency treatments for various spinal indications, including disc herniation, discogenic and radicular pain, facet joint arthropathy, and benign and malignant lesions of the vertebral column. The aim is to provide a handy guide that will acquaint readers with all aspects of radiofrequency neurotomy at different levels of the spine, enabling them to carry out treatments effectively and safely. Radiofrequency neurotomy, or radiofrequency ablation, is a minimally invasive procedure that is associated with a reduction in complications, side effects, and risks of anesthesia as well as with lower costs. This book, written by world-renowned authorities in the field, fills a significant gap in the literature by specifically focusing on the use of radiofrequency for spinal conditions. It will be of value to a range of specialists, including interventional neuroradiologists and radiologists, neurosurgeons, and orthopedists. Contents Anatomy and biomechanics of the spine.- Principles of RF in medicine.- Causes of back pain.- RFN for cervical disc herniation.- RFN for lumbar disc herniation.- RFN on cervical facet joints.- RFN on lumbar facet joints.- RFN for sacroiliac joint pain.- RFN pulse -dose on spine.- RF for treatment of benign lesions.- RF for treatment of malignant lesions.
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