Oncological PET/CT With Histological Confirmation

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Juliano Cerci, Stefano Fanti, Dominique Delbeke
Fecha Publicacion
10 mar. 2016
This book reviews the important new field of PET/CT-guided biopsy, which is of potential value in optimizing the diagnostic yield of biopsies. The role of this technology is examined in a range of malignancies, including lymphoma, pancreatic, breast cancer and CNS malignancies. True positive and false positive cases are presented and discussed, and many aspects of PET and pathology are addressed. The book describes many case presentations illustrated with mostly 18F-FDG PET/CT images, but also other PET radiopharmaceuticals such as 18F-FLT. The three editors are expert nuclear medicine physicians from Europe and North and South America, and the range of experiences gained in using PET/CT across the globe is reflected in the book. Juliano J. Cerci is the current head of PET/CT department of Quanta Diagnóstico e Terapia. Invited professor of Federal University of Paraná. After completing nuclear medicine training at Universisty of São Paulo, he pursued a radiology fellowship. He is currently vice-president of Brazilian Nuclear Medicine Society. The major focus of his career has been on oncological imaging and imaging-guided biopsy. Stefano Fanti, is a Professor of Diagnostic Imaging at the University of Bologna and Director of Nuclear Medicine and PET Center at Policlinico S.Orsola in Bologna. The major focus of his career has been on PET imaging, with particular regards to oncology and innovative radiotracers.
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