Nursing: Health Education and Improving Patient Self-Management

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Barbara Sassen
Fecha Publicacion
1 sept. 2017
◾Focuses on the role of nursing professionals in promoting the self-management of their patients and becoming more patient-centered health professionals ◾Offers tips and tricks on how to motivate patients to a healthier lifestyle and strengthen their self-management ◾A dedicated tool for nursing professionals, helping them understand the underlying theoretical aspects of promoting self-management This book describes the latest advances in health education and patients' self-management, addressing core questions such as: How can you motivate a patient to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and how can you support their self-management? Though there is a broad consensus within thenursing profession on the importance of health promotion and the promotion of self-management, nursing professionals often struggle with the underlying theoretical and practical aspects involved, as well as the right type of intervention to use and how to evaluate the results. The book departs from international trends, which primarily underline the importance of prevention and focus on such issues as the increase in the number of people with chronic health problems and co-morbidity, the empowerment of patients, and the technological developments in thehealth care system. In the first chapters, it examines health at the micro-, meso- and macro-level, combined with epidemiological health indicators. The following chapters focus on prevention, health promotion and self-management, while also broadly discussing prevention. The book then turns to the development and purpose of, as well as plans for, health promotion and health education. The Intervention Mapping protocol is the starting point, addressing questions such as how to motivate a patient to other, healthier behavior. Subsequently, the field of healthpromotion is extended to disease prevention, patient education and self-management. On the basis of patients’ needs, the book describes methods and interventions to promote self-management in detail. Self-management and chronic health problems are also highlighted, along with thepatient’s social network in connection with self-management and eHealth. Lastly, the book explores the relationship between nursing and health promotion, as well as disease prevention, nursing diagnoses, nursing interventions and care results. Additionally, this edition includes two trainings on 'Promoting the self-management of the patient ' and on 'What is the role of the nursing professional in promoting self-management of the patient?'. This book is intended for bachelor and master courses for nursing professionals and is linked to the CanMeds competencies of health promoters and reflective evidence-based working professionals. Dr. Barbara Sassen is currently a senior lecturer and post-doc researcher at the University of Applied Science, Faculty of Health Care, University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She received her PhD degree in 2011 at Maastricht University, with the title 'Supportinghealthcare professionals to encourage patients to decrease cardiovascular risk attributable to physical inactivity'. In this PhD research she developed an intervention strategy for the implementation of health promotion and self management in the professional practice by nurses andparamedics. She studied health sciences, health promotion and health education at Maastricht University. She also studied the course training linked to the Master Educational sciences, at the University of Utrecht and finished a Bachelor in Nursing with professional experience as a nurse in the mental health care and outpatient care.Her interest is directed at the proper implementation of health promotion, disease prevention and self management by health care professionals working in the health care system.
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