Atlas of Cardiac Nuclear Medicine (Set of Two CDs

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Archana Gowda, Diwakar Jain
Informa Healthcare
Fecha Publicacion
23 jun. 2007
the CDs contain case studies which are accompanied by EKGs/ECGs, raw and gated nuclear medicine images, patient presentation, patient evaluation, graphs

This marvellous CD-ROM set is a teaching guide for those interested in cardiac nuclear medicine, whether as instructor or trainee. With well over 300 cases, Dr Jain has selected 20 for each CD-ROM. These first two CD-ROMs in the series offer cases covering all aspects of coronary artery disease, chronic heart failure and some valvular disorders; each case examines: patient presentation (e.g. 50-year-old diabetic male presented with chest pain etc), EKG, raw nuclear images, gated nuclear images, evaluation of tests, and discharge of the patient. The superbly reproduced images will prove a definite boon to those preparing for certification examinations or just beginning to work in cardiac nuclear medicine.

Table of Contents
The project is case-based and so there is no table of contents.

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