Introduction to Molecular Biology, Genomics and Proteomic for Engineers

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Robert B. Northrop, Anne N. Connor
Informa Healthcare
Fecha Publicacion
15 may. 2008
  • Defines many of the acronyms used in molecular biology as well as standard biological terms and abbreviations
  • Discusses scientific and philosophical definitions of life, death, viruses, and self-replicating nucleic acids
  • Includes examples and mathematical models for biochemical oscillators
  • Addresses ethical issues in stem cell research, cloning, and the creation of genetically-modified plants and animals

  • Engineers and scientists in the 21st century often find themselves working on the interdisciplinary interface between living and inanimate systems. This type of interface, however, requires not only a broad range of knowledge but also an in-depth understanding of how specialized organic molecules in living organisms interact and react. Introduction to Molecular Biology, Genomics, and Proteomics for Engineers illustrates the complex biochemistry of life and how it may be modeled and manipulated in genomic-based medicine and genetic engineering. This book addresses such controversial topics as stem cell research, cloning, parthenogenesis, chimeras, and ethical issues in molecular biology.

    Table of Contents
    Introduction. Life and Death. Basic Cell Anatomy and Physiology. Introduction to Physical Biochemistry. The Basis for Genetic Inheritance. Nucleic Acids and Their Functions. Proteins. The Genetic Basis for Certain Inheritance Diseases: Genomic Medicine. A Survey of Instrumental Methods Used in Genomics, Proteomics, and Forensic Science. Applications of Genomics. Ethical Issues in Molecular Biology and Genomics.

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