Antibiotic & Chemotherapy, 9th Edition

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R. J. Whitley, S. Ragnar Norrby, David Greenwood, Roger G. Finch
Churchill Livingstone
Fecha Publicacion
5 oct. 2010
Well-respected and widely regarded as the most comprehensive text in the field, Antibiotic and Chemotherapy, 9th Edition by Drs. Finch, Greenwood, Whitley, and Norrby, provides globally relevant coverage of all types of antimicrobial agents used in human medicine, including all antiviral, antiprotozoan and anthelminthic agents. Comprehensively updated to include new FDA and EMEA regulations, this edition keeps you current with brand-new information about antiretroviral agents and HIV, superficial and mucocutaneous myscoses and systemic infections, management of the immunocompromised patient, treatment of antimicrobial resistance, plus coverage of new anti-sepsis agents and host/microbe modulators. Reference is easy thanks to a unique 3-part structure covering general aspects of treatment; reviews of every agent; and details of treatments of particular infections. Key Features Offer the best possible care and information to your patients about the increasing problem of multi-drug resistance and the wide range of new antiviral therapies now available for the treatment of HIV and other viral infections. New to This Edition Stay current with 21 new chapters including the latest information on superficial and mucocutaneous mycoses, systemic infections, anti-retroviral agents, and HIV. Get fresh perspectives and insights thanks to 21 newly-authored and extensively re-written chapters. Easily access information thanks to a unique 3-part structure covering general aspects of treatment; reviews of every agent; and details of treatments of particular infections. Apply the latest treatments for anti-microbial organisms such as MRSA, and multi-drug resistant forms of TB, malaria and gonorrhea. Keep up on the latest FDA and EMEA regulations. Published Reviews "As an authoritative account of anti-infective agents and their use in therapy, this book is an indispensable asset in every medical microbiologist's library. Copies should also be found in every self-respecting library within departments dealing with infected patients on a day-to-day basis." ACP News - Summer 2004 (review of 8th edition) Author Information By Roger G. Finch, MB BS, FRCP, FRCP(Ed), FRCPath, FFPM, Professor of Infectious Diseases, School of Molecular Medical Sciences, Division of Microbiology and Infectious Disease, University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals; David Greenwood, BSc, PhD, DSc, FRCPath, Emeritus Professor of Antimicrobial Science, University of Nottingham Medical School; Richard J. Whitley, MD, Loeb Eminent Scholar Chair in Pediatrics; Professor in Pediatrics, Medicine and Microbiology, The University of Alabama at Birmingham and S. Ragnar Norrby, MD, PhD, FRCP , Professor, The Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control
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