Cardiac CT Imaging · Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease 2Ed

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Shinbane, Jerold S., Budoff, Matthew M.J.
Fecha Publicacion
17 sept. 2010
Provides clear guidance on the performance and interpretation of cardiac CT, with a view to assisting the reader in integrating the modality into daily practice Describes the specific features of the most recent scanners from all four main vendors Discusses upcoming clinical applications such as plaque imaging and functional assessment The comprehensive assessment of cardiovascular structure and function with computed tomography (CT) has progressed at an astounding rate due to advances in scanning technology and image processing. Given the growing importance of cardiovascular CT, this book collates all relevant imaging findings and presents them in a clinically relevant and practical manner appropriate for the spectrum of physicians who diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. The chapters have been written by an internationally renowned group of contributing authors and present discussion and images which characterize the full spectrum of cardiovascular CT. In addition, the enclosed DVD provides orientation through 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional image sets. Content Level » Professional/practitioner Keywords » Angiography - Cardiac CT - Cardiac Imaging - Cardiac Surgery - Cardiology - Congenital Heart Disease - Coronary Artery Disease - Imaging Techniques - Multislice CT - Tomography - Vascular Disease Related subjects » Cardiology & Angiology - Internal Medicine - Radiology - Surgery TABLE OF CONTENTS Computed Tomography.-Methodology for Image Acquisition.- Cardiac Anatomy by CT.-Interpreting CT Angiography: Three Dimensional Reconstruction Techniques.-Assessment of Cardiac Structure and Function by X-Ray Computed Tomography.-Assessment of Cardiovascular Calcium: Interpretation and Relevance of Calcium Scoring Relationship to Lipids and Other Cardiovascular Risk Factors.-Natural History and Impact of Interventions on Coronary Calcium.-Extra-Coronary Calcium.-CT Coronary Angiography.-Coronary Angiography after Revascularization.-An Interventionalist’s Vision: Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease by CT Imaging.-CT Imaging of Non-Calcific Atherosclerotic Plaque with Cardiac CT.-Peripheral Angiography.-Aortic, Renal and Carotid CT Angiography.-Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Overview of Clinical Applications.-Congenital Heart Disease and Computed Tomography.-Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiac CT in Assessment of Patients with Known or Suspected Chronic Coronary Artery Disease.-CT Imaging: Cardiac Electrophysiology Applications.
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