Aging Hair

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Ralph M. Trüeb
Fecha Publicacion
5 ene. 2010
A comprehensive book that outlines and discusses current concepts for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of hair aging Explains the different causes of hair aging Provides clear guidance on treatment options and examines future directions for therapeutic intervention Written by internationally recognized experts for dermatologists and other physicians and scientists interested in the field The scalp and hair are subject to both intrinsic or physiologic aging and extrinsic or premature aging caused by external factors. This comprehensive and reader-friendly book offers an up-to-date overview on all aspects of hair aging, including in particular the two main streams of interest: the aesthetic problem, which relates to everything that happens outside the skin, and the biologic problem, which concerns the "secret life" of the hair follicle in the depth of the skin. Internationally recognized experts provide detailed contributions on the biologic basis of hair aging and current concepts for its diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. The intrinsic and extrinsic modulating factors for hair growth and pigmentation are explained and future directions for therapeutic intervention are examined. In summary, this unique book offers valuable insights into hair aging and guidance on its treatment; it will prove invaluable both to dermatologists and to other interested physicians and basic scientists.
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